As we live at an increasingly green-conscious time, it is handy to know just what you can do with your empty toner cartridges that doesn’t involve just chucking them in the rubbish. By recycling your empty toner cartridges you reduce your amount of solid waste, conserve raw materials, and even potentially make a profit in the process.


There are 3 main ways in which you can recycle your old toner cartridges, and here they are:



There are a few charity organisations that directly accept your used cartridges, so this is a feel-good way to dispose of them. You may also want to consider local organisations such as churches, libraries, and schools, as these may also have a toner recycling programme.


Sell Them Back

A lot of stores will now buy back your used cartridges for cash, but more often than not for store credit. Always remember to seal your cartridges in a plastic before bag before sending them off to prevent any accidental leakages. It is also advised to place your toner back in its original box to stop breakages in transit.


Sell Them To A Special Organisation

It is not just printer ink vendors and charities that accept toner cartridges, but also certain organisations specialising in recycling too. A quick Google search pulls up a number of different companies that will buy back your toner cartridges, and a lot them will even send you prepaid packaging too – which is nice of them.