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CISS Spares, Continuous Ink Spares and replacement parts

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Why Choose Cityinkexpresss ?

Cityinkexpress are one of the leading suppliers of quality ciss ink systems for Canon printers - after over 6 years of specialising in continuous ink systems and trialling dozens of different manufacturers of these products - we are now able to offer one of the most reliable cost effective print solutions for your printer, this is backed up by a full 12 months warranty and excellent after sales support.

Our team of staff are some of the most knowledgable in the business when it comes to support with a combined 20 years experience in dealing with continuous ink systems.

We carry a wide range of UK ciss ink system spares for Epson and all the other brands so in the unlikely event your product develops a problem and is out of warranty - you can easily purchase what you need to get up and running again.

We are continually reviewing the quality of our Ciss ink systems and have recently made many modifications to our continuous ink systems for Brother to further enhance the longevity of the product.

From experience of selling Ciss ink systems most users can typically expect the ciss to outlast the life of the printer and in some cases our customers are even moving our ciss ink systems for HP from there old machine / printer to there brand new printer with no hiccups at all.

We know we are not one of the cheapest ciss ink system suppliers around - but you get what you pay for - over and over again we hear stories from customers who have bought cheaper budget systems from other suppliers and regretted it because of poor quality prints - poor quality systems - poor quality service. Don't join that long list of customers join Cityinkexpress instead.

With us you get:
  • A Quality Product
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Excellent after sales support