Month List

I recently purchased the Ciss Ink System for my new Epson XP15000. Even though the inks are non-genuine, I have been really impressed with the colour quality. It was also very easy to install following along with the video on the website. I have also had the Ciss Ink System for my Epson WF7110 for four or five years now and it has been consistently performing really well. Very glad I found City Ink Express, its saved me so much money on cartridges.



I've been a customer of City Ink Express for a number of years now and I'm always impressed by the quality of all products. CISS systems have made my business so much easier to run and you always get a friendly response if you need any technical support. All inks have always been the best in my eyes, after trying numerous different companies and brands over the years.


Many thanks - Calvin

bought this ciss system last week for the epson xp 970 and we love how it works and was easy to install following the video instructions.we will only be buying ink from cityinkexpress in the future.well done thank you

Angela Anderson

The City ink express refill inks I purchased for a canon ip8750 printer produce results across the entire colour range, indistinguishable from the original canon inks at a fraction of the cost. A real test for ink quality is if it can produce a true deep black and these inks are superb for that. Customer service is also excellent, I thoroughly recommend them.


Anthony Johnson

We are proud to announce December's competition winner is Naomi, who won a full set of Canon ink.

Here is a picture of Naomi with her prize.

Shane and CIE have always been exceedingly helpful to me when sorting out my CISS system.


Whilst buying a new printer quite a few years ago (Canon Pixma MG6250), it was suggested by a relative that I should buy a much more economical continuous ink system. This is when I discovered City Ink Express, and a super helpful chap called Shane. He explained everything about the system, and directed me to the appropriate YouTube videos for priming and installing the system. He has always been happy to also speak to me over the phone for any further clarification too, which he did on a few occasions. On the rare occasions I’ve had an issue, such as air in one of the lines, I’ve either sorted it out myself or have done so with Shane’s help.


Having used this system for years now, I had the confidence a while ago to even sort out a problem with my printer when an error code suggested it was not repairable. There was no way I was giving up on my printer whilst I still had lots of ink left; I successfully removed and carefully cleaned the print head, using tap water via a syringe provided with my system, which enabled my printer to work again.


The last bottles of ink I ordered and am mostly still using were dated 2015, and I have just received a new delivery of inks this morning (Jan 2020!), having only ordered them at 2pm yesterday. Thank you for the super speed service, so my daughter can now print off her homework tonight.


My brother has a CIE continuous ink system, as do my parents, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends. Getting this system from City Ink Express is a no brainer from my experience. I even have the original Canon cartridges which came with the printer, but which are still sealed.

The CityInkExpress continuous ink system is exceptionally great value for money! We home-school our kids and having a continuous ink system for our Canon MG7751 printer is such a economical printing solution.


The modification instructions are simple to follow and the after-sales support is good. We've had our system more than two years and on average buy a set of refills once every year and a half. The ink doesn't dry out if not used for an extended period of time either!


Highly recommended. I would not go back to buying ink the old way! Thanks CityInkExpress!

I have installed several CIS systems before. This one was easy. It just took some preparation and time and did work first time without any extra head cleaning.


The delivered system was mostly the same as the one in the online videos for priming and fitting.


Ink bottle design has changed from video; small screw top now makes pouring easier. A couple of extra double-sided tape clips for the ink line were supplied, which were not required.

My wife brought me a CISS after lots of frustrating episodes with ink cartridges.

Prior to fitting I made sure my printhead was thoroughly clean with no blocked nozzles. The kit is complete and includes all you need and a few spares. Instructions for fitting via good quality YouTube videos that show and explain things very well. The fitting process took approximately 30 minutes and is very simple to carry out.

If you are having printer issues I would thoroughly recommend this kit, it is flawless when printing.

I have purchased many items including CIS systems for my 3 printers which came with very clear instructions and work excellent.

I have also purchased normal ink and sublimation ink for many years and have never had any problems, I buy all my sublimation paper from CityInkExpress, as I find it excellent quality.

If at any time I have had a problem someone has always answered my query.

Thanks CityInkExpress for your service.