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I am running a small therapy school so heavily using printed material both for marketing and for my students. I have being using all sort of solution to cut printing costs, but the one City Ink Express offer is by far the best. I have saved a huge amount of money WITHOUT reducing the quality.


Dror S.

Hi City Ink Express

I have a home business and I use a lot of printer ink and paper. I used to print stuff off and photocopy duplicates.  Since being introduced to the CISS Ink system I can't rate it high enough.

The ink is great, the system is simple and the service from City Ink Express is outstanding. If you haven't got your system yet I suggest you do it now.

Jason L.

My first CISS from City Ink Express was bought 3 years ago and I am still using it! The original printer passed away 2 years ago and I just transferred the CISS to a new printer. Simples! Shane at CIE is wonderfully patient and helpful, and although I was a complete novice he managed to turn me into a CISS expert!


Currently I am running two ip4850 printers and an ix6500 A3 printer (which has to be the best A3 printer bargain on the planet), all with CISS’s from Shane - one of the CISS’s is on its 3rd printer (started with a 4700, then a 3600 and now on a 4850). The inks are all the same (just in different orders) and the chips from the cartridges supplied with the printer can just be transferred to the old CISS cartridges.


As my business expands (yes, I am making a profit thanks to the reduced ink costs!), I will be ordering more CISS’s from Shane. The range of Canon printers he now has CISS’s for is amazing. There is absolutely no discernable difference between a CISS with Lyson ink and the original cartridges. OK, my eyes are not what they used to be, but a young photographer friend of mine cannot tell the difference either.


If you are worried about investing in one of City Ink Express’s CISS’s then don’t – talk to Shane & if you are still not convinced email him & he will pass the email to me – I’ll soon convince you!



Win a Nintendo 3DS XL




Enjoy all your favourite 3DS games on the big screen with the new Nintendo 3DS XL console. The Nintendo 3DS XL's screen is 90% larger than the Nintendo 3DS, making it the biggest screen on any Nintendo handheld console. With so many great games available, you be pleased to know the Nintendo 3DS XL boasts a better battery life so you can play for even longer.

Here at Cityinkexpress we value customer feedback. Write us a review in October and not only will you receive 20% off your future ink refills, but you will also be entered into a draw to win an amazing brand new NINTENDO 3DS XL, as seen in the picture above.
Just e-mail your review to quoting your order number and you will receive the 20% discount code for future ink refills, and be entered into the exclusive prize draw. Pictures are also appreciated as part of your review, but not required.
Last month's winner winner of the brand new built-in wifi KINDLE is Andrew: "Many thanks for the Kindle it is so versatile. It already contains 30 books and documents for use on the move; it will save a mountain of paper. Having an electronic version of the Bible so readily available is wonderful. It's always with you. My eldest grandson (5) has used it to recognise as many words as he could. Anything which encourages young people to read must be a good thing". Thanks Andrew.
September Winner
August's of the brand new brother was won by Jim and Linda: "Big thank-you for the amazing all singing all dancing printer a BROTHER MFC-5890CN chuffed to bits with it!"
August Winner
July's winner of the nikon coolpix 16.1MP camera was Richard and Sylvia: "Just to let you know the camera has arrived. It is lovely and my wife is thrilled that she will be able to take pictures of her own instead of borrowing my camera. Much appreciated and I will send pictures of both of us with the camera, for your blog. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you very much."
July Winner
June's winner of the brand new 32" flat screen tv was Derek : "The TV has arrived and works wonderfully. Our old one was just going on the blink - in fact our son had started praying for a new one"
May's winner of the Apple Ipod Touch 8gb was M.Swinden, Birmingham, Spencer Swinden Design
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i was very sceptical about ciss ink systems and spent a long time researching which system would be most suitable for my needs.

i contacted cityink by phone and could not get over how helpful they were in advising me on which system would be best for my needs. i am self employed but in the course of my work i do need to produce course literature, black and white and also colour.  it was costing me a fortune in cartridges, am i glad that i took the bull by the horns and purchased this system.

it is saving me a fortune as i have had the system about 9 months with every day printing and only just ordered my first supply of ink. brilliant colour reproduction and printer continues to run as normal with no jet clogging. ordered this ink on thursday evening  and it arrived saturday morning. excellent service.

i would and am recommending this system to all my friends, family and business acquaintances. their loss if they don’t buy ciss from cityink.
thanks very much  cityink.