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I purchased five CISS ink systems for my Epson 1400, one CISS ink system for my Canon ix4000 and recently bought one for my HP OfficeJet Pro 8000.


The products are of very good quality and have been working flawlessly. Very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend their products. Will be purchasing more for my other printers. 


Mr Dadabhoy



I cannot praise City Ink Highly enough. I use edible ink and frosting sheets and have found City ink's frosting sheets to be the best quality yet.

Some frosting sheets I have bought from other companies are too thin to remove from the backing paper. City ink's come away clean with no cracks. What can I say? Saves loads of time and no wasted ink!

Check out City Ink for all your printing needs. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Great service and Express Delivery.

Think Ink?
Think City Ink!


Kind regards

Having purchased a Canon IP 3600 Edible printer complete with rice paper ink etc. from you I am delighted to say we are thrilled to bits with it. The printer with edible inks were not only good value for money but are of good quality.
We ordered one day and they arrived first thing the following day.We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good customer service we received when calling to enquire about a minor problem with filling the cartridges. We were able to rectify it so simply thank you so much for your help....We will be back without a doubt and will be recommending you to others.

We have been using CISS Ink systems for some time now. We find them very reliable and cost effective.  We are a support organization for Greater London North East Scouts and any money we can save means that the savings can be ploughed back into the Scouts. 

County Print Team
(A service to Scouting)

I have to say my CISS Ink System saves me a fortune, the ink quality is great, the set up is simple, refilling is a breeze, all in all we could not ask for more from a product!

Very good service, fast dispatch and item as described when buying. cheap inks with good quality, best service to buy inks in europe and for now im only going to buy from you.

I have dealt with Cityink for a few years now.  During that time I have purchased two of their kits for 2 different Epsom printers.  The kits are of excellent quality and have saved me a fortune in cartridges.  My first printer needed 6 different inks, and before my Cityink kit, one set of "genuine" Epson cartridges cost as much as the whole kit, which was complete with six bottles of good quality ink. 


Apart from the initial cost, the other obvious advantages are that, whereas with cartridges, every time you clean the heads a lot of ink is used which soon empties the cartridges: also, when putting in new cartridges, a lot of ink is wasted.  The kit, on the other hand, as its name implies "continuous ink supply," gives a constant supply of ink so there is no wastage due to continual changing of cartridges.  When I changed my expensive printer (due to mechanical malfunction) I bought a cheaper Epson with 4 inks and so had to buy a new kit, which I am still using 3 years on.  The kits are GREAT. 

I must also mention, that I am not a computer expert and the number of times I have e-mailed for assistance it has been immediately forthcoming from Shane, who must have sometimes been tearing out his hair with frustration.  He has been, and is, an absolute brick and the advice, help and prompt after-sales service he has given me is second to none. 


A final note; I thought I was going to have to replace my printer because it was telling me it was at the end of its life.  I contacted Shane for advice and he put me in touch with another company who supplied me with a plastic tank to catch the surplus ink instead of it running into an absorbent pad inside the printer, and more importantly how to reset the printer.  Thanks to Cityink and Shane I am still up and running and printing out pictures, by the boatload, for family and friends. 


In conclusion; I can highly recommend Cityink and will continue to use them as long as I am able.  Thanks very much Cityink.