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Have Just placed ANOTHER ORDER with C-I-E ! We Have been using a CISS Originally Bought for an Epson PX720 for about 18 Months now.

After the PX720 Expired from Over Use, we replaced it with the PX730 and after a quick call to the Guys at C-I-E we ordered a new chip and some spare filters for just a few Quid.
We didn't have to replace anything else and were up and running in about 10min!


Having now expanded our Printing to A3+ with the Epson R3000 , we are now trying out the FotoRite Pigment Based Inks , as we have always had such great results with the Dye Based version on our other printers. And with a Full Set (900ml) being over £100 Cheaper than Original Cartridges (234ml), We can pass great savings on to our customers and still make a healthy margin.


If You are undecided about CISS System's, JUST DO IT! For The Tiny Bit of SetUp Time, The Rewards are FANTASTIC. Last Year we saved over £500, This Year We can now expect to save £1000+


Even if you are just a casual home user you will make great savings. And if you use it for Business, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!


Oh and By The Way....... I Started Writing this e-mail 10 Mins after ordering.... just had my Shipping Conformation !


Great CISS System,
Great Ink's,
Great Customer Service,
Great Shipping & Delivery



Hi C.I.E.


Would just like to say, anyone thinking about buying one of these continuous ink systems, do it!


We have used one for our old Epson printer for about 3-4 years now, our printer works hard and it must have saved us an absolute fortune. We have just bought a latest model Epson printer but I can say I would never buy another printer without buying a continuous ink system at the same time.


I am installing the system today but loved the old one that much that I will continue using it and will find some desk space for another machine in case we want to print at the same time. Well done city ink and keep up the good work.

P.S.Your youtube videos are really helpful too!

In august 2010 I bought a new printer. Two days later I saw City Ink Express CIS for my new Epson.

I really didn't know whatit was but I thought that I would save money with their ink… so I ordered it.

Today, in February 2013, one and a half years later, I still haven't used all the ink from my original purchase. I've printed everything I needed! This has been one of the best buys I've ever purchased.
My family and friends spend more than me on ink in one month than I've used from my original purchase a year and a half ago.

When I got it I was a little afraid because I had to do some modifications to the printer and because the supplier is a UK company and I live in Barcelona (Catalonia). I had no problem at all, the instructions were well documented and I received the product in a few days.

I would never buy another printer now without first getting advice from cityinkexpress on whether they have a ciss for it.



Submit your review of our products to quoting your order number, to be in with the chance of winning this month's fantastic prize - a brand new Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet! 




Just e-mail your review to quoting your order number and you will receive the 20% discount code for future ink refills, and be entered into the exclusive prize draw. Pictures are also appreciated as part of your review, but not required.
Last month's winner was Rob, who won a brand new coolpix camera!
December's winner was Val, and she won a brand new printer and ciss bundle worth £250



November's winner of free fotorite ink who we also upgraded to a new printer and ciss aswell was Adrian:
October's winner of the nintendo 3DS XL is Rick:

September's winner of the brand new built-in wifi KINDLE is Andrew:
September Winner
August's of the brand new brother was won by Jim and Linda: "Big thank-you for the amazing all singing all dancing printer a BROTHER MFC-5890CN chuffed to bits with it!"
August Winner
July's winner of the nikon coolpix 16.1MP camera was Richard and Sylvia:
July Winner
June's winner of the brand new 32" flat screen tv was Derek : "The TV has arrived and works wonderfully. Our old one was just going on the blink - in fact our son had started praying for a new one"
May's winner of the Apple Ipod Touch 8gb was M.Swinden, Birmingham, Spencer Swinden Design




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