We honestly don’t mean to intentionally blow our own trumpets all the time, but we really believe we can offer you the best deal on printer ink refills anywhere on the internet.


For years now we have specialised in CISS printers – Continuous Ink Supply Systems - as well as the printer ink refills to supplement them. The basic principle behind these printer systems is by allowing yourself a continuous connection the ink jets can use a much larger ink reservoir. This then means you can purchase your printer ink refills in larger volumes and save yourselves a ton of money on printing costs.


It’s clear then why you would want to incorporate a CISS printer into your home or office space, but why should you then choose City Ink Express to purchase it from? Well while we’re on the subject of cost, we do offer the most competitive price around, so as well as saving on printing costs in general, you can save on the refills when they do eventually need replacing too – bonus.

Ink Refills


Not all printers are able to install a CISS system, but we’ll even sell you a CISS printer bundle which includes everything you need to start saving money today! When you do purchase a printer or printer ink refills from City Ink Express, you’ll also have access to our massive resource of printing-related material, should you have future difficulties installing or refilling your printer.


At City Ink Express, we’re passionate about printing, and we aim to leave a good impression!