Have Just placed ANOTHER ORDER with C-I-E ! We Have been using a CISS Originally Bought for an Epson PX720 for about 18 Months now.

After the PX720 Expired from Over Use, we replaced it with the PX730 and after a quick call to the Guys at C-I-E we ordered a new chip and some spare filters for just a few Quid.
We didn't have to replace anything else and were up and running in about 10min!


Having now expanded our Printing to A3+ with the Epson R3000 , we are now trying out the FotoRite Pigment Based Inks , as we have always had such great results with the Dye Based version on our other printers. And with a Full Set (900ml) being over £100 Cheaper than Original Cartridges (234ml), We can pass great savings on to our customers and still make a healthy margin.


If You are undecided about CISS System's, JUST DO IT! For The Tiny Bit of SetUp Time, The Rewards are FANTASTIC. Last Year we saved over £500, This Year We can now expect to save £1000+


Even if you are just a casual home user you will make great savings. And if you use it for Business, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!


Oh and By The Way....... I Started Writing this e-mail 10 Mins after ordering.... just had my Shipping Conformation !


Great CISS System,
Great Ink's,
Great Customer Service,
Great Shipping & Delivery