If you use a laser printer then you might well be wondering what to do with your toner cartridges once they've run dry. Simply throwing them away isn't a particularly eco-friendly choice - why not recycle them instead?


There are many companies in the UK who will be more than happy to take your empty inkjet cartridges, but toner cartridges are a little trickier. Since they're too big to fit in an envelope, you won't find many recycling services out there for laser users.


Still, there are some companies who can help, and we at City Ink Express have scoured the internet for them so you don't have to. Here are 3 companies who can recycle your used toner cartridges:

The Recycling Factory

The Recycling Factory


The Recycling Factory are based in Lincolnshire, and they accept some Brother and HP toner cartridges (there's a full list of accepted models on their website). These are recycled for the benefit of various charities, including the NSPCC and the British Heart Foundation.


How does it work?

They send you a box and collect your cartridge free of charge.


Empty Cartrdige logo

Empty Cartridge



With offices in Milton Keynes and Northern Ireland, Empty Cartridge are among the country's leading recyclers of ink and toner cartridges. You can even earn money by offloading your empties to these guys!


How does it work?

Empty Cartridge will collect free of charge, but only if you have at least 15 items of value. If you've been printing for many years and saving your empty cartridges, this might be a good way to get rid of them.



Takeback Ltd logo

Takeback Ltd.


According to the company's website, Takeback have been collecting ink and toner cartridges (as well as unwanted mobile phones) since way back in the early '90s. You can choose to sell your empty cartridges or donate them charitably.


How does it work?

You'll have to register an account on the Takeback website - once you've done that, you can arrange for collection and, if you choose to sell, select a method of payment.


Of course, if your toner cartridge is empty, you probably need a new one! Click here to see our comprehensive range of replacement toner cartridges.

A question we get asked a lot is ‘just how good are generic toner cartridges’ (or ‘compatible’ toner as it is also called)? ‘Are they better than the original?’ ‘Even if they were equal, as generic toner cartridges tend be a lot more reasonable then surely they would be the superior choice?’


The answer to this question is actually fairly simple: generic toner is more than competent enough to handle home-use and internal office documents, though the more consistent and professional print-quality of original cartridges makes them ideal for outgoing documents; though having put it fairly bluntly, we can go into a tad more detail on some of these points to let you know how we came to such a conclusion.



A study* done on HP LaserJet cartridges and generic alternatives found that the original exhibited no reliability failures whatsoever, while the generic toner scored an average of 41.7%. This isn’t to say the generic toner cartridges are unreliable full-stop, just that you will find the original a lot more consistent – this does seemingly justify the larger price-tag.



Results from that same study showed that original toner cartridges printed out sample pages which were deemed acceptable for multiple uses 97% of the time; compatible toner on the other hand only managed to score 61%. Again these results are heavily in favour of the original toner, though we think it’s fair to point out that you don’t always need a perfect print-out – it depends on the situation.


The study basically reiterates what we’ve always said: yes generic toner cartridges are completely competent but they cannot match original when it comes to reliability and quality, but where they can outdo the manufacturers-own is on price – basically, it’s that old cliché of you get what you pay for.


Because generic toner is more reasonable and still produces fair prints, we think this makes it ideal for everyday printing when quality is not paramount. If you are sending an outbound document and you want it to look pristine, you’re going to want to go with an original cartridge.



*You can find the full study here: http://www.businessdirect.bt.com/Images/3/pdf/EMEAmonotonertest.pdf

Purchasing a brand new laser printer and experiencing print quality unlike any you've had before is a very exciting thing. The novelty of beautifully printed work or photographs takes a long time to wear off, if ever, but when your printer runs out of toner we are greeted with feelings of disappointment, frustration and confusion...especially when you research how expesive your standard toner cartridge can be! Combine this with the usually difficult task of finding the correct toner cartridge for your printer and you've got a real nightmare on your hands. Unless of course, you shop for cheap toner cartridges at City Ink Express.


Our range of cheap toner cartridges are extremely well-priced; we even have a whole range of compatible high-quality alternative toner cartridges for most printer models for those who wish to keep the costs down! And choosing the correct toner cartridge for your printer couldn't be more simple.


Head over to our cheap toner cartridges page, select your printer manufacturer and then search for your printer model. There you will be presented with all available toner options compatible with your laser printer - et voila!  We have a toner cartridge to suit every budget, and where we can we strive to offer a variety of other spare parts for your printer model too! 


Shop cheap toner cartridges with City Ink Express today. 

Owning a laser printer can be a pretty expensive affair indeed. After the initial cost of your all-singing, all-dancing printer you then need to keep it fulled with toner. Toner cartridges can be notoriously expensive, but of course here at City Ink Express we offer an exquisite range of cheap toner cartridges for all of the main printer manufacturers.


To save you even more money as well as genuine manufacturer toner cartridges, we also offer high-quality alternative compatible toner options for the majority of printer models. Simply head to our cheap toner cartridges page, select your printer manufacturer and model type to see the variety of toner options available for your printer - you're bound to find something to suit your budgetary requirements.


The problem doesn't end there, however. Of course, a toner cartridge only has a limited lifespan, and if your toner runs out you'll need to quickly replace it in order to continue your printing. Naturally, the more you use your printer the quicker your toner will run out, but our team at City Ink Express regularly get asked the question 'how long does a toner cartridge last?'.


The answer depends on a three main factors! The first of which, how often you are using your printer, we have already covered. Here are the other factors you need to consider when contemplating the longevity of your toner cartridges:


1. What kind of printing are you doing?

 If you're regularly printing a variety of high quality photos then you're going to be using a lot more toner than someone who regularly prints word documents or e-mails, for example. 


2. How well are you caring for your toner cartridge?

When you install your toner cartridge you should always let the toner cartridge run its complete cleaning course and print a tester page to ensure the nozzles are unblocked and the toner is flowing correctly. Regularly scheduling cleaning courses for your toner cartridges will ensure the cartridge is working to its best potential and the toner is fully flowing, maximising the use of your toner cartridge. 


If you feel that laser printers utilising toner cartridges will be a fairly expensive option for you considering the nature of your printing needs, perhaps you should consider a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). We have a variety of CISS printer bundles which are exceptional quality printers already fitted with CISS systems ready to kick start your printing immediately!


If you have any questions about which printer type is the most suitable for you please don't hesitate to contact us for expert advice. 

We do make a bit of a song and dance about the fact we sell cheap toner cartridges, but in essence, we’re not the biggest fans of the word ‘cheap’. When you hear cheap toner cartridges, you automatically think of something of an inferior quality, something inadequate, something not very City Ink Express!


You see we use the words cheap toner cartridges, because that’s what they are. We go to great lengths to ensure we offer the most competitive price on all of our toner products, and all the products we sell in general. The rising cost of ink is somewhat of a concern to all printer-users, so we endeavour to make pricing our focal point. We barter with the suppliers to try and get our toner as cheap as possible, so we can then sell it on to you for a fair price.

City Ink Express also like to offer you compatible options as well as original ones – compatible cartridges are made by alternative manufacturers to fit a particular printer, and are usually quite a bit cheaper. Now it has been proven that compatible cartridges do not give you the same quality and print-consistency that the original ones will, but they are still competent, and if you don’t mind taking a slight dint in such areas you can save yourselves a ton.


So when we say cheap toner cartridges, we are highlighting the effort to which we go to in keeping costs down; what we’re not referring to is a cheapening in the standard of the products we sell. In fact, we test all of our toner cartridges extensively, and to ISO standards – this close level of scrutiny means that any toner cartridge you purchase from us is guaranteed to produce optimum prints, consistently.