We pride on ourselves on our exquisite range of genuine toner cartridges as well as compatible high-quality alternative toner options for almost every leading printer manufacturer. Brother is a huge name in the printing industry, so naturally it was our perogative to ensure a well-stocked and versatile range of toner cartridges for all mainstream Brother printer model types. One of our most popular Brother printer model types is the Brother DCP Series of printers. We offer Brother DCP toner for almost 40 Brother DCP printer models, so if Brother DCP toner is what you're after then you have most certainly come to the right place!


Where possible, we will strive to offer genuine Brother toner cartridges for the Brother DCP range, as well as a lower-cost and equal-quality option for those who don't wish to splash the cash on Brother DCP toner. When we can, we will also seek to offer a variety of other spare parts for your printer, as well as the essential Brother DCP toner. We can occasionally offer feed rollers, fuser units, drums, imaging units and imaging drum toner cartridges for your Brother DCP range, so if you need any of these spare parts please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you!


Some of the most popular Brother DCP model types are the following, and we offer Brother DCP toner options for each and every one! 


1. Brother DCP-7055


2. Brother DCP-9010cn 


3. Brother DCP-9055CDN


Our Brother DCP toner is of exceptional quality and you won't believe how low the prices are! You should stock up immediately. 

We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve gone to the effort of purchasing some new toner only to find out your new cartridge isn’t working. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the most common problems that arise with new cartridges, and how to fix them.


Have You Inserted Your Cartridge Correctly?

Sometimes your issue can be as simple as not inserting your cartridge correctly – listen out for a click when inserting your toner, and even give a slight pull on it to ensure it’s in place.

Is The Shipping Label Removed Correctly?

The shipping label prevents any ink from escaping your cartridge in transit, so before inserting your cartridge make sure all the packing material and the tab is fully removed.


Have You Performed A Cold Start?

Sometimes your printer will not read your new cartridge as it will still be processing the old one. In order to clear your memory perform a cold start to allow the new cartridge to be recognised.


How Long Have You Had Your Cartridge For?

Remember, toner does have a shelf-life, and when it nears the date it can dry up, or get moist and clump up. Make sure you rotate your large stores of toner so that you’re using the older ones first in order to avoid this problem.

For more laser printer troubleshooting see our guide!

If you currently own or are planning to purchase a laser printer, then unfortunately toner is something you need to get to grips with. Toner cartridges are an essential element of any laser printer and indeed without one your printer simply won't print! If you want to stay on top of your printing game, you need to know the ins and outs of toner to really make the most out of your printer. We regularly get tweeted, emailed and facebooked all manner of questions about toner cartridges, so we thought we'd put together this handy FAQ blog post to try and answer all of the most common toner questions in one place. 


Toner Cartridge FAQs 

1. Are toner cartridges expensive?

To put it simply - yes, they tend to be. Toner is a powder form of ink, rather than the traditional gloopy ink we're used to with printers. A standard toner cartridge is more expensive than a standard ink cartridge, however there are a variety of compatible toner cartridges for most printer models which are significantly cheaper than manufacturer branded toner cartridges. Of course, the more you print the more you'll have to replace your toner - so indeed it depends entirely on how often you print and whether you're opting for manufacturer or quality alternative toner cartridges. 


2. How long does a toner cartridge last? 

This depends on how often you print, the type of printing you're doing (if you're printing high-quality images obviously more toner will be used) and whether or not you correctly installed and cleaned your cartridges when you first purchased them. You should regularly schedule cleaning courses for your toner to keep it on top of its game. A standard toner cartridge should last you a couple of months though!


3. How does the quality of a toner cartridge compare to that of a standard ink cartridge?

A toner cartridge should produce documents and pictures of a much higher standard than an ink cartridge. 


4. Is a genuine manufacturer toner better than a compatible alternative toner cartridge?

Technically speaking yes. Printers are designed to have compatible toner cartridges from the same manufacturer. However, in our experience we have found our range of carefully selected high-quality alternative toner cartridges produce documents and images of equal standard to genuine manufacturer toner, without the cost!


5. What do I do with my empty toner cartridge?

Recycle it! There are a number of companies who will do this for you and collect your toner cartridges for free - some will even pay money for the privilege! 

Y U No Print


If you thought that printing was kind of a boring topic, think again. We at City Ink Express have been in this business for a long time, and we've learned that printing - and printers in particular - can inspire a wider range of emotions than all the world's poetry and music and art put together. Emotions like...




Fry on printers



More frustration!

Cancel print meme






Out of magenta



Yet more frustration!

Cat printing meme



And finally - if, by some black magic, you actually manage to print your document - overwhelming pride!


Got printer to print meme


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The HP LaserJet 4000 Series

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HP LaserJet 4000 Series is Hewlett Packard’s range of monochrome laser printers that come in the medium-duty category. The HP LaserJet 4000 series uses a similar nomenclature that they’ve applied to many other of their series’:


n: network Ready (as standard)


t: twin paper trays


d: double sided printing


s: stacker for your output tray


l: includes stapler


So you can tell purely by looking at the names of the devices themselves what factory-standard features they will include – which certainly makes the job of purchasing a lot easier!


If for example you wished for a high-speed laser printer which featured twin paper trays and came network ready, you may want to look at the HP LaserJet 4250tn. Say you were looking for a quality colour laser printer that was just network ready, we’d suggest the HP LaserJet 4500n. If none of those printers had quite the specifications list you required, and you wanted a kind of Swiss army-style printer we’d point you to the HP LaserJet 4300dtnsl – which handily contains all of the features mentioned above!


Owners of printers from the 4000 series all remark on the consistent quality of the prints, and if you do decide to make the jump to Hewlett Packard then come on over City Ink Express for the best deals on HP toner cartridges!