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As a little homage to Epson, we thought we’d review one of their most popular laser printers – the Epson C1100! Now we sell Epson C1100 toner cartridges, but we’re also interested in how well the printer itself performs. Here’s how we got on:


The Epson C1100 is a great printer for small offices or workgroups. With a speed of 25 ppm (pages per minute) this is a fairly speedy machine that will make light work of large documents. If it’s vivid colour you are after the Epson C1100 creates uniform colours using special AcuBrite toners!


The Epson C1100 has a fairly simple control panel that is intuitive and pleasantly illuminates. With a 180 sheet multi-purpose tray this device will more than suffice for small workloads and office duties. Though you shouldn’t need to purchase Epson C1100 toner cartridges too often, when you do you will be pleased with the clear, colourful results it produces – this is thanks to Epson AcuLaser Colour 2400 Resolution Improvement Technology no less.



What we mainly like about this printer is just how simple it is to use and maintain. The last thing you need in a small office environment is an arduous machine to drain precious time. The Epson C1100 is perfect as it is a great little workhorse of a colour printer that even has some gusto too.


Should you need Epson C1100 toner cartridges, you can find a stunning selection here at City Ink Express.

It’s no wonder we sell a lot of Epson toner cartridges, they make some of the finest laser printers on the market. To celebrate the wondrous Japanese manufacturers, we have thrown together a list of our top 3 best-selling Epson toner cartridges, and a little about the printer models themselves.


Epson M2400D

We sell a shed load of Epson M2400D, which is somewhat surprising considering how long their cartridges usually last - due to their high page-yield. The Epson M2400D itself is a fine little workhorse of a machine making it ideal for small to medium-sized office spaces. The quality of the print itself is nothing but professional, and with a speed of up to 35 ppm (pages per minute) it is a fast little worker too. If you need Epson M2400D toner cartridges – original or compatible – please visit our model page.


Epson C1100

A significant amount of Epson C1100 toner leaves our store, whether it be black or coloured, or indeed Epson’s own cartridges or a compatible alternative. This is another fine Epson laser printer, though intended for slightly less-ample use than the previous model. As such, the Epson C1100 is aimed at small workgroups, or even individuals. This affordable printer still benefits from a swift speed of 25ppm, and the fact it’s a colour model means you needn’t waste money on separate devices. Should you need Epson C1100 toner, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.


Epson M2000

 Last but by no means least, customers just can’t seem to get enough of our Epson M2000 toner cartridges, and with the selection we have to offer it’s no wonder! The printer itself is equally popular, and with its 28ppm speed and flexible duplex options it is a high-quality machine also. The Epson M200 was aimed at individuals and small workgroups, where it reliably produces professional looking prints time after time. To see our selection of M2000 toner, follow this link and see what we have to offer.

Epson are a Japanese electronics giant that has been around as far as back as 1942, and have had their fingers in the printer world since the early 60s! As you can imagine then Epson printers not only have quite the pedigree, but they also lead the way in terms of technology and innovation.


The majority of Epson printers you will find are intended for home use – and it’s fair to say that they have a firm grasp on this sector. Epson’s models range from £24 to £209, and although you may be able to find cheaper there are few brands that contain so many ‘best buys’, which is obviously a massive positive.


You can find Epson printers in a number of ranges:


Epson Stylus

This particular range contains a large number of multifunctional devices intended for home-use. Within this range there are also models like the Stylus Photo PX730WD which are aimed at photography and photography fans.


Epson Expression

These Epson printers are similar to the Stylus range but with a focus on being compact! These devices can print, scan and copy, but don’t take up too much space on your desk!


Epson Workforce

As you can probably grasp by the name these printers are aimed towards businesses and the working world. Prices for these models start at around £80 and they’re equipped to handle the extra rigmaroles of business demands.

We ourselves sell some high quality Epson printer bundles so why not browse our range now?


There is certainly no shortage of choice in the world of printer bundles or brands today! Although this may seem like a bonus in terms of offering you an Aladdin’s cave of different devices, in fact, it actually makes your decision that little bit more difficult.


Thankfully for you City Ink Express have been there and got the t-shirt – well, we ensured the t-shirt was printed effectively, at least. So to help you make a more informed purchasing decision, here is a quick run through of our biggest selling printer bundles, and what they can do best for you:



Epson are a Japanese manufacturer that proudly boasts to be the largest producer of computer printers in the world! As you would expect then Epson have a great range of printers and are a good all-round brand. With a sharp focus on home printing, Epson printer bundles are ideal for use in domestic settings!



Hewlett-Packard – or HP – are an American based information technology firm based in California, and they too have also been making some winning printers for quite some time. HP too have an excellent range of printers meaning you are bound to find the right device for you - of course based on your requirements and printing needs. HP manufacture laser and inkjet models, so if you’re after a specific type of printer they may the brand for you.



The next biggest seller of our printer bundles are electronic giants, Canon, who are based in Japan. Canon are well known as being an imaging brand, and so along with their cameras and photocopiers their printers are all about quality image printing – this makes them an ideal brand for photography enthusiasts!



We’re staying in Japan for the final of our top brands and bundles with Brother. Brother also boasts a range that includes colour, laser, and inkjet printers. Though brother may lack the stature of some of the largest competitors it is still a good contender, and its reputation is more solid function as opposed to fancy frills – which is great, if you like that kind of thing.

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Hi C.I.E.


Would just like to say, anyone thinking about buying one of these continuous ink systems, do it!


We have used one for our old Epson printer for about 3-4 years now, our printer works hard and it must have saved us an absolute fortune. We have just bought a latest model Epson printer but I can say I would never buy another printer without buying a continuous ink system at the same time.


I am installing the system today but loved the old one that much that I will continue using it and will find some desk space for another machine in case we want to print at the same time. Well done city ink and keep up the good work.

P.S.Your youtube videos are really helpful too!