bought this ciss system last week for the epson xp 970 and we love how it works and was easy to install following the video instructions.we will only be buying ink from cityinkexpress in the future.well done thank you

Angela Anderson


We have now released the ciss continuous ink system for Epson XP-5100,XP-5105, the video install guide can be seen here 


It is available with sublimation dye ink, normal dye ink, Epson T6641-4 Genuine eco tank inks and empty ciss continuous ink system


We are pleased to announce our latest release ciss continuous ink system for the Epson XP-970 , available with dye based ink, empty cis sor using genuine inks from epsons ECO-Tank Range


Our models are listed here

and video install guide here

I purchased a CISS system from CIE after running a poster business on Etsy for a couple of years. I had used genuine ink for some time but was finding it cripplingly expensive and I was constantly running out of ink. After some research I decided to grab myself a dye ink CISS and have loved it ever since.

The ink lasts significantly longer and is priced very competitively. The ink also appears to be high quality with no discolouration.

I had some initial teething issues with getting my printer set up to print close to what my computer was showing (colour wise) but it was a simple case of getting a custom ICC profile from CIE which solved my issue.


Would definitely recommend this product to anyone printing high volume regularly.

New review from Richard

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Today we have a fantastic review from Richard for Epson refillable inks. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


As a professional, fine art printer, I require suppliers who are prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and who supply the very best quality products and I have found City Ink Express always deliver on each of these points.


The industry standards I adhere to do not permit the use of non OEM inks in the production of Giclee prints, however, I now produce greeting cards using a City Ink Express CISS system, with FotoRite pigment inks. The reliability of the system and consistency of the inks is second to none.


Orders from City Ink Express are always received promptly and any inquiries are answered quickly and professionally.


I would recommend City Ink Express to anyone who does a lot of printing and appreciates great support and product quality!