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If you hadn't already gathered by now, continuous ink supply systems or CISS systems are a speciality for us here at City Ink Express. With continuous ink supply you are saving an incredible amount of both time and money with your printing, without ever compromising on quality. Our CISS systems are extremely popular, but they can be fairly tricky to fit and install. We offer as many installation tutorial videos as we possibly can over on our YouTube channel, but of course with the extent amount of printer manufacturers and models we cater for it's extremely difficult to get a tutorial done for them all! 


This is where our CISS printer bundles come in handy: you can purchase a fantastic quality printer with a built in CISS system and have it delivered to your doorstep. This is fantastic value for money and requires zero effort apart from the click of a button your end - what could possibly better? We have found our CISS printer bundles an extremely attractive option for customers, which is why we thought we'd draw up a quick top 5 list to show you which printer bundles our customers tend to opt for to help you make your decision! 

If you need any help making your choice please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we are always more than happy to help.


1. Epson WF-2520NF A4 CISS Printer Bundle


2. Epson XP-405 A4 CISS Printer Bundle 


3. HP 6520 A4 CISS Printer Bundle 


4. Canon MG5550 A4 CISS Printer Bundle


5. Brother DCP J132W A4 CISS Printer Bundle 

This is one of the easier questions we will ever have to answer on City Ink Express, so don’t worry, we won’t be keeping you long! The advantages of buying a CISS printer bundle (that’s short for continuous ink supply system, by the way) are simple - it allows you one of the most cost-effective ways of running a quality printer!


If you haven’t yet heard of a CISS, here is what it basically is: a CISS is a system compatible with many inkjet printers that delivers a constant flow of ink to a specialised type of cartridge, using a capillary system and external ink reservoirs. As the cartridge never dries up it doesn’t need replacing, instead you fill up the tanks just before the ink reaches the 10% mark. As you are not discarding cartridges which still have some ink left them in you are not wasting the ink, and buying refills of the ink in liquid form is more economical anyway.

If you buy a CISS printer bundle from us, you get a brand new printer made by Epson, HP, Canon or Brother, and a CISS system filled with fotorite dye ink – basically everything you need to start printing and saving money right away!


If you are interested in purchasing one of our cost-effective printing packages, start exploring our range now.

Hi C.I.E.


Would just like to say, anyone thinking about buying one of these continuous ink systems, do it!


We have used one for our old Epson printer for about 3-4 years now, our printer works hard and it must have saved us an absolute fortune. We have just bought a latest model Epson printer but I can say I would never buy another printer without buying a continuous ink system at the same time.


I am installing the system today but loved the old one that much that I will continue using it and will find some desk space for another machine in case we want to print at the same time. Well done city ink and keep up the good work.

P.S.Your youtube videos are really helpful too!

In august 2010 I bought a new printer. Two days later I saw City Ink Express CIS for my new Epson.

I really didn't know whatit was but I thought that I would save money with their ink… so I ordered it.

Today, in February 2013, one and a half years later, I still haven't used all the ink from my original purchase. I've printed everything I needed! This has been one of the best buys I've ever purchased.
My family and friends spend more than me on ink in one month than I've used from my original purchase a year and a half ago.

When I got it I was a little afraid because I had to do some modifications to the printer and because the supplier is a UK company and I live in Barcelona (Catalonia). I had no problem at all, the instructions were well documented and I received the product in a few days.

I would never buy another printer now without first getting advice from cityinkexpress on whether they have a ciss for it.



If you want to save pockets of money on printing  you need a CONTINUOUS INK SYSTEM.

The ink level does not seem to move down when printing not like with the original cartridges (blink and no ink )
It was so easy to set up and resetting when printer says cartridge is empty is so simple.