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Here at CityInkExpress, we are often asked for advice on which printer model would be best for our customers. In this blog post, we hope to shed some light on the sometimes bewildering array of options available in the market.



Toner or Inkjet?


Traditionally, businesses have always chosen a laser printer over an inkjet because of the reduced running costs involved with a laser printer. That is no longer necessarily the case, and many small or medium businesses (SMBs) are taking advantage of the latest business inkjet offerings from the various printer manufacturers, with real-world print speeds of up to 22 pages per minute. Fitting a continuous ink system can often be cheaper than using toner cartridges, and the reduced startup costs are very attractive.



Which Printer Manufacturer?


Generally speaking, Canon produce the printers most suited to photo printing, and many of their models are able to handle cardstock up to 300GSM (grams per square metre).


Epson produce fantastic all-round printers, and their small-in-one printers from the Expression range are well suited to families on a budget.


Brother printers are relatively fuss-free, cheap printers suited to a variety of uses. Whether you are a small business looking to print invoices, or need a printer to handle your children's homework, a Brother printer may well be the way to go.



How Much to Spend?


Budget is a concern for most people, and we will always do our best to meet all of your requirements, but as with everything you get what you pay for. We can help you find a professional quality photo printer, or a high-speed printer for invoices, for under £100, but there will be a trade-off in terms of other functions. Ideally, you should look to buy a printer which does everything you need it to, and nothing more. That way, you won't be spending money on a function you won't use.


There is also another key point to consider when buying a new printer: running costs. One of the cheapest printers currently on the market is the Canon iP2850, starting at around £30 plus VAT. If you need a basic printer for occasional use, it may well be the way to go, but the cartridges can cost £25 a set, and will only last for around 180 pages. Clearly, printer price isn't everything.



You're Not Helping. Which Printer Should I Buy?


Alright, back on topic. You need a printer, and you don't know which one. There are too many to choose from, and you don't know how to narrow it down. The easiest way to choose a printer is to ask yourself the following questions:


  • How much do I want to spend?
  • Do I need a scanner/copier, or just a printer?
  • Should the printer be wireless? Will I want to print from my phone?
  • What kind of things will I be printing? Is it for card-making, invoice printing, photo printing, or a mixture of everything?
  • How much printing will I do?
  • Will I need to print double-sided?
  • Do I want to print in A3, or just A4?
  • Is there anything else I want the printer to do, or any other features I would like (e.g. printing onto CDs, fax capability, or a rear tray for cardstock).


If you can answer most of these, we will find the printer for you. Here are some examples of printers which we might recommend for different uses*:



"I just want a printer. For printing."

The Epson WF-3010DW is a fantastic little printer. It is completely lacking in bells and whistles, which means that the money goes to producing one of the best small printers on the market. At 9.2 colour pages per minute (or 15ppm in black and white), with automatic duplexing and wireless functionality, and a 250-sheet paper tray as standard, the WF-3010DW punches well above its weight in terms of print quality and speed. If you want all of this and a scanner as well, you would have to spend twice as much on the printer!



"I need something cheap with a scanner to print the kids' homework, and occasional photos."

Epson's Expression small-in-one printers are ideal for light use in a home environment. The XP-225 is the cheapest currently on offer, and for just £45 you can have a USB printer/scanner/copier capable of handling all types of printing.



"I need a printer for the office, as cheap as possible. I mainly print invoices."

Brother's all-in-one printers offer a very competitively priced option for small businesses or home offices. With prices from £75, the DCP-J4110DW is a real workhorse. With print speeds of 16 pages per minute, and the option of occasional A3 printing as well as a scanner/copier, many businesses should look no further than Brother's J4000 range of printers. For larger offices, the J5000 series is well worth a look, as they are more suited to heavy use.



"I want a professional-quality photo printer, but I don't want to spend any money."

The Canon Pixma iP7250 was made for photo printing. For just £60, you can have a wireless printer with a maximum print resolution of 9600*4800 dpi, and capable of handling cardstock up to 300gsm.



"I would like a printer for heavy use in the office."

This is a request we get a lot, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether it's Epson WorkForce Pro range, Canon's new MAXIFY printers, HP's OfficeJet Pro or Brother's J5000/6000 range, there is a huge range of inkjet printers available for SMBs. Different prices and print speeds, along with other options such as fax and double-sided scanning, enable you to find the perfect printer for your requirements.



"I don't like any of those. My needs are different."

That's not a problem. Drop us an email to and we'll find a printer/CISS combination to suit any environment.


*Prices and current models are correct as of 29/01/2015. Links provided are to printer bundles, with a CISS and 100ml bottles of ink included in the price.

It's been a while since we have posted - we have been very busy and are proud to launch our new range of ciss systems similar to Epson Ecotank range with Epson Genuine ink - yes that's right Genuine ink - For those customers that only use genuine inks and still want to save money - its a Win Win for you with on going running costs of around £1 a cartridge when compared to the standard fill OEM carts , currently available on a range of around 200 selected 4 and 5 colour models with more to follow. 

 The continuous ink systems are our new design in a handy 70ml version which is the same size as the refill bottles. We will be expanding the range in 2015 to include 6 colour printers in A4 and A3 size



Earlier this month, The Guardian published a story about Epson. The Japanese electronics giant is changing its approach to the printing market; instead of selling printers as heavily-discounted loss leaders and recouping that money with overpriced ink cartridges, Epson will now be selling printers with refillable ink tanks, meaning that you'll pay more for the printer but less for the ink.


If you believe that Guardian article, Epson's latest move will "revolutionise the economics of home printing", winning back consumers who, in the past, were put off by the sky-high price of printer ink. Print-savvy readers, however, will notice that Epson's "innovation" is nothing new - in fact, we at City Ink Express have been selling printers with refillable ink tanks for years!


Fitting your printer with a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) has always been a great money-saving move - a CISS tank lasts longer than any standard ink cartridge, and the ink refills are considerably cheaper than new cartridges. Furthermore, we still believe that our CISS printer bundles represent a more cost-effective choice than Epson's new printers. Let's do the maths...


  • According to The Guardian, Epson's new printers will start at £249.

  • Our cheapest Epson printer bundle - the Epson XP-312 - costs £118 (including VAT) and comes with a CISS tank and 400ml ink included.


As you can see, City Ink Express could still save you quite a packet. A full CISS tank can run for many months before it needs topping up, and when the tank does eventually run dry, our ink refills are very reasonably-priced.


Oh, and if you're more of a laser printer person, we also sell cost-effective toner cartridges!


Click here to read The Guardian's article about Epson.

In case you hadn't already noticed, here at City Ink Express we are champions of the continuous ink supply system (CISS). We would argue that using a CISS rather than your standard printer ink cartridges is far more efficient, time-saving and will not affect the quality of your printing. As well as a professional and efficient printing job, opting for a CISS system over a standard printer cartridge will save you a very significant chunk of money indeed!


Here are the two main reasons why CISS systems save you money:


1. They last far longer than a traditional ink cartridge 

Your CISS system is a fairly large tank with four separate containers for the different coloured inks. There is significantly more room in each of these containers than in any individual printing cartridge meaning that naturally the ink in your CISS system will last far, far longer than in any ink cartridge for there is simply more of it! 


2. They are much cheaper to refill 

Though purchasing and setting up a CISS system can be relatively costly, once you have your system in place the price of the ink refills are dramatically less than you would pay for a standard ink cartridge. Therefore, with a CISS system you pay out once and then have a stress-free printing life with cheap refills, but with purchasing ink cartridges you pay out a hefty sum every time you're out of ink! 


And there you have it - the lowdown on CISS systems. We know which printing option we'd prefer. 

We honestly don’t mean to intentionally blow our own trumpets all the time, but we really believe we can offer you the best deal on printer ink refills anywhere on the internet.


For years now we have specialised in CISS printers – Continuous Ink Supply Systems - as well as the printer ink refills to supplement them. The basic principle behind these printer systems is by allowing yourself a continuous connection the ink jets can use a much larger ink reservoir. This then means you can purchase your printer ink refills in larger volumes and save yourselves a ton of money on printing costs.


It’s clear then why you would want to incorporate a CISS printer into your home or office space, but why should you then choose City Ink Express to purchase it from? Well while we’re on the subject of cost, we do offer the most competitive price around, so as well as saving on printing costs in general, you can save on the refills when they do eventually need replacing too – bonus.

Ink Refills


Not all printers are able to install a CISS system, but we’ll even sell you a CISS printer bundle which includes everything you need to start saving money today! When you do purchase a printer or printer ink refills from City Ink Express, you’ll also have access to our massive resource of printing-related material, should you have future difficulties installing or refilling your printer.


At City Ink Express, we’re passionate about printing, and we aim to leave a good impression!