New Review from Tony

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Today we have a fantastic review from Tony who has one of our CISS systems. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


My first attempt to pick the pockets of those who make a fortune selling us a few mills of ink for a huge mark up. I did my homework, found the appropriate videos to watch (are you taking notes here?). Watched the videos again, watched for different machines to make sure they were not all the same but specific and took the plunge.


So far so good.


Delivery spot on ; ordered (At Bank Holiday weekend) on Friday and arrived Tuesday.


Packaging: sturdy box well packed. Contents more than adequate to do the job.


I had done my research and admire the people here make their video guides available to everyone.


I was sure I could do the filling process and ignored the advice to use one of the supplied large syringes... Big Mistake! If you have a shaky hand use the syringe (I’m still washing the ink off my fingers (which shows its good stuff I guess).


The guides are brilliant they make a simple process, well, simple! I’m printing off my song lists and the ink is no problem I did no Lab test research but it goes on, dries, no runs, no fading, no problem – as good as any I’ve bought ( I think). This is my first time using this service and am enjoying the freedom to print reams of stuff rather than only print essentials. I’ll see how much I print and let you know in a few months time.