My first CISS from City Ink Express was bought 3 years ago and I am still using it! The original printer passed away 2 years ago and I just transferred the CISS to a new printer. Simples! Shane at CIE is wonderfully patient and helpful, and although I was a complete novice he managed to turn me into a CISS expert!


Currently I am running two ip4850 printers and an ix6500 A3 printer (which has to be the best A3 printer bargain on the planet), all with CISS’s from Shane - one of the CISS’s is on its 3rd printer (started with a 4700, then a 3600 and now on a 4850). The inks are all the same (just in different orders) and the chips from the cartridges supplied with the printer can just be transferred to the old CISS cartridges.


As my business expands (yes, I am making a profit thanks to the reduced ink costs!), I will be ordering more CISS’s from Shane. The range of Canon printers he now has CISS’s for is amazing. There is absolutely no discernable difference between a CISS with Lyson ink and the original cartridges. OK, my eyes are not what they used to be, but a young photographer friend of mine cannot tell the difference either.


If you are worried about investing in one of City Ink Express’s CISS’s then don’t – talk to Shane & if you are still not convinced email him & he will pass the email to me – I’ll soon convince you!



Cityinkexpress offer amazing value that makes colour printing cheaper than ever! I print approximately 2800 double sided colour A4 sheets (5600 prints) for a  village newsletters every 2 months plus a lot of business printing. I reckon the 5600 prints I have done in the last week cost slightly over 1 penny each! I actually printed nearly all of them with the ink that came with the CISS system apart from a top up of black ink.


I very quickly stopped buying the molten gold they put in original cartidges and for years I was buying cheap compatible cartridges then I started to buy refillable cartridges, refilling them with syringes. Then I saw Cityinkexpress’s CISS systems and I am certain there is no cheaper way to print.


With a decent printer and a CISS system you just keep topping up the CISS with ink (just pour it in) and that’s it! The huge amount of ink that comes with the system gives me an almost immediate payback. They are very helpful too, I wear out a printer every few months and I always ask them to suggest a printer then I get a CISS system and a printer to match it so I never have to buy any cartridges.


I see they now do packs with printers and CISS systems so it will be easier than ever next time. Thanks Cityinkexpress!


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I have to say my CISS Ink System saves me a fortune, the ink quality is great, the set up is simple, refilling is a breeze, all in all we could not ask for more from a product!

Very good service, fast dispatch and item as described when buying. cheap inks with good quality, best service to buy inks in europe and for now im only going to buy from you.

As a customer of CityInk Express for a number of years now, I have purchased a number of CISS Ink systems and have always found them to be of the highest quality.


The after sales, service and product knowledge is excellent providing quick responses to all questions asked and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I have been very satisfied with the services provided by Cityink express and will continue to use them.

Kind regards