Chipless firmware using WIC reset


Step 1: Download and install WIC reset from here


You will need to allow your antivirus or windows defender to allow this if it's blocked


Step 2: Have your printer connected to the computer via USB and switch off all other printers connected to to your network and launch WIC reset





Step 3: From within WIC Click on support - Terminate - All process




Step 4: Launch and run the modified firmware you purchased from here





Make sure you select the right printer - there should only be one showing if step 2 was done correctly.


Step 5: Printer will display updating firmware , it will take a while to run - when it reaches around 90% on the firmware updater quit the updater and force windows to end program - to do this press CTRL-ALT-DEL on keyboard and open the task manager - select the firmware updater and end task.




Step 6:  Launch the licence program or no inks updater from which you can download from


Step 7: Click activate online - enter your serial number , you may have to allow your antivurus to allow this program to connect to the internet, the recovery code given save this into a text file as it can be used to recover the printer if the firmware is accidently updated



Step 8: Reboot the printer and your all done