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Epson do make the same printer models available in different parts of the world - however to control market prices they may need to offer cartridges for the printer cheaper in poorer countries.


To stop customers buying the cartridges which are sold cheaper in different country and importing them and using them on their own printer, they make the chips / cartridge numbers different it is called regional zoning of chip (different parts of the world



An example would be un the Uk for epson WF-3720. we use T3471 cartridges. in Australia they use 702 carts - on all our products we advertise the chip numbers so it is always worth checking


There are around 8 regions in the world.

To get around this and use this product you would need to install a firmware update called chipless firmware if its available a from a company called inkchip which disables the chip monitoring


If your printer was not purchased in the uk / Europe then it will use different cartridges for the ciss - for it to work in your country you will need chipless firmware - read on 


What is chippless firmware?

Chippless firmware is a modified version of the software installed inside your printer that has been modified so it no longer monitors the chips or ink levels, this is uploaded to your printer and overwrites the current version of the software.


The benefits of chippless software are it gives the user the ability to put cartridges in the printer with no chips or the wrong chips , an example of use would be if you have intermittent issues with chips doing this would solve that as it no longer checks for chips.


An alternative scenario would be where you get the same printer in different countries but the chip / cartridges are different so you cannot buy a product from one country and put it in the same printer in a different country because the cartridges and chips are different andwould not be recognised.


Making the printer chippless would as an example allow the user to buy a ciss or refillable cartridges for the XP-4100 in the UK and install them in the US version of the same printer.


Using a chippless firmware will void your warranty 


Its as easy as this


Once uploaded you should not update your firmware from Epson, or it will overwrite the modified version and go back to how it was before with normal unmodified firmware, ink levels will no longer be monitored so manual checking will be required of the product you are using. 


If done in error, it can be recovered if you have saved your recovery code the software offers at time of modification.


Chipless firmware is offered here