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CISS Ink Supply Systems. CISS ink and CIS cartridge printing specialist

CISS Ink Systems – Save up to 80% of your printing costs

Why pay a fortune on printer ink and toner when you can have the same great quality for a fraction of the cost? CISS (Continuous Ink Supply Systems) are an innovative alternative to traditional ink cartridges that could save your business a lot of time and money. At City Ink Express, we are a leading supplier of CISS ink systems and have a wide range of products that work with almost all makes and models of printer.

How CISS Ink Systems work

Conventional ink cartridges are designed to be compact and contain a small amount of ink. These cartridges are often only available from the manufacturer and need to be replaced regularly, which can prove very expensive to businesses that print a lot of documents.

CISS uses large ink tanks which are connected to the print-head nozzles via silicon tubing. The CISS tanks can be refilled from an ink bottle and have been developed to work with most major printer manufacturers, such as Epson, HP, Canon and Brother. A CISS ink system allows your business to use less expensive aftermarket inks, keeping printing costs low.

Why you should purchase CISS ink from City Ink Express

We are CISS ink & toner specialists with many years experience in supplying printing equipment and ink to the businesses of the UK. Our team regularly tests new products and inks from manufacturers across the globe, in an on-going attempt to find the best CISS inks and units. We supply products that are comparable to original branded products and do not sell cheap, inferior brands or low quality inks.

Our FotoRite ® CISS systems are world class in terms of the materials used and quality of output. Key benefits of using our CISS ink systems include:
  • A simple design that is easy to install, use and refill
  • High quality inks that offer exceptional colour ranges and consistency
  • High grade, durable materials used for the continuous ink systems
  • Lifetime support with your CISS purchase
  • Savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on your printing costs each year
If you want to spend less money on ink and less time swapping ink cartridges then purchase a CISS ink system on this website or call us on 01332 832752 for further information.

Please note that the bulk ink and CISS advertised on this website are not manufactured by Epson, Canon, HP, Brother or the other named brands. Our CISS ink systems work with these printers and the names are used for descriptive purposes only.

We also stock Sublimation Products.

Buy your Toner Cartridges Online

If you use a laser printer, you’ll need to buy new toner cartridges every so often. Toner does go a lot further than regular printer ink, but you’re bound to run out eventually – and when that happens, City Ink Express will be here to provide you with a new cartridge! Our replacement toner cartridges are very reasonably priced, and we cater to a huge range of printer models, including Brother, Canon, HP, Epson, and many others.

If you’re not sure of the difference between toner and ink, this page will explain it all. Toner is generally a little more expensive than ink, but as we’ve already mentioned, toner cartridges tend to last far longer than ink cartridges do. This means that the slightly higher cost of a laser printer is usually offset by the fact that you don’t have to change the toner cartridge very often, and that goes double when you’re using City Ink’s exceptionally affordable toner cartridges!

Once you’ve purchased a new toner cartridge from our website, replacing the empty one is a walk in the park. Our handy guide will show you exactly what to do, and your printer will be firing on all cylinders