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About City Ink Express

City Ink Express is a leading supplier of CIS (Continuous Ink Systems), ink cartridge refill kits, toner cartridges and refillable ink cartridges. Our goal is to lower the amount you spend on ink considerably, without harming the quality of your printing.

The inks we supply are not cheap imports made from low quality, generic materials. We source materials from countries like Japan, the USA and Germany, where they are produced to a high specification and ensure a wide colour gamut and vivid output. You will find that our inks have had high end UV absorber components added, to prolong ink life, durability and stop them from fading at the same rate as budget inks.

Quality CIS systems for Brother, Epson, HP & Canon Printers

Unlike standard ink cartridges, CIS systems do not run out regularly as they are filled with a continuous supply of ink, resulting in large savings of time and money. We supply CIS ink systems that are developed to work with printers from major manufacturers that include Epson, HP, Canon and Brother.

As specialists in the sourcing and supplying of CIS inks and systems, we are able to offer you items that give unrivalled performance, yet are very competitively priced. Our lightweight and easy to use FotoRite ® Continuous Ink Systems are well known for their quality of output.

Key benefits of using our CIS ink systems include:
  • Brilliant inks that offer a full range of colours as well as consistency
  • User friendly systems that are simple to use and refill
  • Strong materials that stand up to decades of repeated use
Your business can shave hundreds or thousands of pounds a year from its printing costs while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our CIS lifetime support.

The widest range of inkjet refill kits and toner cartridges

You can choose from a wide range of options when purchasing products from City Ink Express, including colour dye based ink, colour pigment based ink, mono pigment based ink and sublimation ink.

Dye based ink – This is not waterproof and is only really for interior use. The ink produces vibrant colour prints and will last several years on show before you notice any fading.

Colour pigment ink – This ink is waterproof and suitable for exterior use. It will last long time before it starts to fade, often as long as 70 years when kept away from the sun.

Mono pigment ink – This ink is used mainly for black and white photography as it is used to show off shades of black. It is waterproof, suitable for exterior use and will also last many years before it starts to fade, providing it has not been in full sunlight.

Sublimation ink – This is a specialist ink, suitable for heat pressing onto a wide range of products, such as mugs, plates and signs.

Our FotoRite ® refillable cartridges can use these inks and are perfect for businesses and home use. They can be supplied with auto-reset chips, meaning you don’t have to waste space stocking ink unnecessarily.

If you purchase our reasonably priced inks then you will receive:
  • A premium high grade ink that lasts for years
  • Support for the lifetime of the product
  • A 20% discount on ink refill costs, once you submit a review
Spend less money on ink, without losing on quality. Purchase CIS ink system and refillable inks from City Ink Express.