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Sublimation Products

Turn your printer into a sublimation printer by adding our sublimation ink cartridge starter kit and sublimation papers, full step by step instructions and support - you can start home sublimation printing, includes optional sublimation printing software Sublirip Pro 3.0 for Windows sublimation printing

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Ricoh  Refillable

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About Sublimation Products

Refillable sublimation ink cartridges for the Ricoh GXe3350N printer


Our sublimation ink for the Ricoh GXe3350N is manufactured in the EU, and produces fantastic quality images on all substrates, from t-shirts to mugs to phone covers.

We tested a variety of different inks from China, Korea, America, and Europe before settling on this ink, as we found it to be the best quality ink and it has fantastic consistency across multiple batches 

Prior to purchase If you you would like a sample print of what our inks and papers can achieve please just drop us a message and we will gladly send you a free sample of a sublimated item.

if you already use a different brand of ink this is how you can change your inks to ours and what you can expect - we recommed you watch this prior to purchase   - You will no longer use the powerdriver and will need to use photo shop or similar icc compatible software or the Mac Airprint driver

Switching Sublimation Brands of ink on an SG400, SG800, or any other Ricoh printer

We also have many educational videos on our youtube channel to help with many aspects of sublimation printing which will help you with your Ricoh GXe3350N sublimation prining

CityInkExpress YouTube Channel

ICC Profiles:

An Ricoh GXe3350N ICC profile tells your computer which colours your printer is capable of producing, and how to produce them. It ensures the closest possible match between what is shown on-screen and the final product. All printers come with ICC profiles built-in, based on printing onto photo paper using the manufacturer’s inks – for sublimation printing, you will need a different profile.

If you are buying this for the 1st time from us and dont already have an icc profile from us - for some older generation models we need to make a custom ICC profile which involves sending us a printed chart, this will mean your colours wont be 100% until this is done - so if your purchasing this on a deadline please add an extra few days for this process.

We support both Windows and Mac machines. On a Windows computer, ICC profiles are applied through your image editing software (Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc.)

We offer full support for all of our sublimation customers. We have over ten years experience in sublimation printing, so if you're having any problem, we've probably had experience of it ourselves and will be able to help you out. If you'd like any advice about sublimation printing, or there's anything you're unsure of, feel free to contact us.

Bundle Contains

  • Empty sublimation cartridge for Ricoh with separate ink to fill for the Ricoh GXe3350N

  • syringes, needles, spares

  • 100ml of each colour sublimation ink kit for the Ricoh GXe3350N

  • Pack of sublimation paper for Ricoh GXe3350N

  • Custom icc profile service for your sublimation cartridges Ricoh GXe3350N

  • Video or paper instructions Ricoh GXe3350N


Printer Model:
Ricoh GXe3350N
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