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ICC Ink Profiles for Ricoh printers by City Ink Express

What is an ICC Profile?

Have you ever considered changing your Ricoh printer drivers colour settings – then you need a color profile. ICC color Profiles are look-up tables that describe the properties of a color space. A profile will change the properties of a color space that your Ricoh printer prints.

For example, your Ricoh printer will have the information to print a picture of the sky ‘blue’ but not the exact shade you can see on your monitor. A Ricoh printer profile will match the shade you see on your monitor to the exact shade of blue that it prints out. A printer profile controls your color management.

Select your printer from the below range of Ricoh printers:

We have multiple photo shop tutorials, such as how to use your Ricoh printer profile in cs3,cs4,cs5 and cs6. In summary, all you will have to do when you go to ‘Print’ your image in photoshop is select the icc colour profile we have sent you from a printer profile dropdown menu. Printer profiles are essential to get the best quality colours from your Ricoh printer.

ICC Download

Using a profile for your Ricoh printer is very easy. You will follow our instructions on how to print a color chart using your Ricoh printer’s standard settings. Once you’ve printed this and sent it to us we will feed your colour chart through our i-sis color calibration machine. This will create a unique colour profile for your Ricoh printer. We will then email this to you with instructions on how to apply it when printing.

We support the following ICC aware software and can provide detailed step by step instructions and we support Mac operating systems

Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Corel PaintShop Pro X9
CorelDRAW X7
CorelDRAW X8
CorelDRAW 2017
Photoshop CS2
Photoshop CS3
Photoshop CS4
Photoshop CS5
Photoshop CS6
Photoshop Elements 14
Photoshop Elements 15
Serif Affinity Designer