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Edible Printer Ink Cartridge Pixma TS5055

Options available include refillable edible printer supplies and edible cleaner cartridges

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Canon  Edible Cartridge

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About Edible Printer Ink Cartridge Pixma TS5055

We have various options for your printer including cleaner cartridges and refillable edible cartridges, image shows full sets you would only receive this if purchased as we have single cart options

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This full refill kit ( if chosen ) of Canon Pixma TS5055 edible printer ink supplies comes with compatible edible refill printer cartridges, canon Pixma TS5055 edible printer ink and optional a pack of 25 edible rice paper for printing on the Canon Pixma TS5055 printer.

Our compatible with canon edible ink cartridges are food safe and specific for the Canon Pixma TS5055 printer

Canon Edible ink cartridge unboxing and usage

Our full kit comes with many free templates which are compatible on any computer through ANY version of Microsoft PowerPoint. We have designed our templates on this Microsoft programme as most people have some knowledge on using Microsoft products.

It is also accessible through open-office, a FREE programme, easily downloadable and with no limits, which does a similar job to Microsoft Office.

The disc provided also comes with hundreds of free images for use on your cakes - we have even made a handy guide for you below which show's how to use the templates - Again you can watch by clicking the image

Printing Edible Cake Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint

All our edible inks are manufactured in Germany, and comply with current EU regulations - food hygiene standards. The full list of EU approved ingredients can be found on the bottle labels and wafer paper packs, with a use by date. Health certificate supplied.

Because the viscosity of all edible inks on the market are thicker than normal dye based inks, to prevent ink drying in the heads - all edible inks should be used on a regular basis and regular flushing of the print head with edible ink cleaning solution will extend the life of the print head

As this is a food item we are unable to accept returns unless faulty

Ingredients for edible cartridges

Black Ink Water, Solutizer E1520, Humectant E422, Colours E151, E110*, E102*; Acidity Regulator E330

Cyan Ink Water, Solutizer E1520, Humectant E422, Colour E133; Acidity Regulator E330
Magenta Ink Water, Solutizer E1520, Humectant E422, Colour E122*; Acidity Regulator E330

Yellow Ink Water, Solutizer E1520, Humectant E422, Colours E102*, E122*; Acidity Regulator E330

Wafer Paper Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil

*May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children

Ingredients for cleaning solution in cleaner carts: Water, Glycerin E422, 1:2 Propylene Glycol E1520, Citric Acid E330, Food Colouring E133


Printer Model:
Canon Pixma TS5055
Ink Type:
Edible Cartridge


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