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Edible Ink Refill Pixma MG6852

Options available include refillable edible printer supplies and edible cleaner cartridges, using Kopyform Inks and papers.

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Canon  Edible Ink

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About Edible Ink Refill Pixma MG6852

All our edible inks and papers are manufactured in Germany, and comply with current EU regulations - food hygiene standards.

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Edible printer ink for the Canon Pixma MG6852 printer can create unique edible photos for cakes and cupcake toppers.

This edible ink will make your cake supplies distinctive, allowing you to do edible printing on the Canon Pixma MG6852 prnter for cakes to create edible cake toppers.

This is Foodsafe fully approved edible ink for Canon Pixma MG6852 printer as used in the cake making industry on wafer papers, rice papers and fondant paper.

Our 100ml edible inks are best used to fill your refillable edible ink printer cartridges and placed in your edible Canon Pixma MG6852 printer.

We also supply on our website edible photo papers in the form of wafer paper and fondant paper, ideal for printing edible photos on. We have all of your edible ink and paper cake supplies
Our Canon Pixma MG6852 edible inks are designed to make edible printing easy.

Our edible printer ink is compatible with the Canon Pixma MG6852 printer (your edible cake printer). Our edible inks are mainly used for printing on edible ink paper, for cake decorations and edible photos for cakes.

All of our canon Pixma MG6852 edible inks have a shelf life of 9-12 months with the expiry date on the bottle. Please store your edible printer ink for the Canon Pixma MG6852 in a cool, dry place.

Health certificate supplied on request

As this item is a food item we are unable to accept returns unless the item is faulty due to the fact we are unable to verify the storage conditions

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Other Info

Zero rated for VAT



Monopropylene glycol: E1520
Glycerol E422
Colour E102*
Colour E110*
Colour E151


Monopropylene glycol: E1520
Glycerol E422
Colour E133
Citric Acid E330


Monopropylene glycol: E1520
Glycerol E422
Colour E122*
Citric Acid E330


Monopropylene glycol: E1520 Glycerol E422
Colour E122*
Colour E1028
Citric Acid E330

* May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children