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Ciss for Epson XP-2205 printers | Dye and Pigment

Product Code:
Epson  Dye and Pigment

Product In Development

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International customers this product requires Chipless Firmware to work - read more here

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About Ciss for Epson XP-2205 printers | Dye and Pigment

This is a Ciss continuous ink system with ARC auto reset chips for the Epson XP-2205

Using a ciss for the Epson with 604, 604XL, Pineapple, cartridges can help slash your printing costs.

We now offer an extensive 2 year warranty on this product with an ink shelf life of 3-4 years - even if you not a high volume user its an investment for you.

The Ciss can be refilled over and over again, which could dramatically reduce your 604, 604XL, Pineapple, XP-2205 printer running costs.

Future refill costs are only £29.88 for 400ml of Dye and Pigment which makes the ongoing running cost just 19 pence for a standard cartridge.

Our ink refills for the XP-2205 will produce excellent results with a good range of tones, we do not use universal inks at CityInkExpress.

Filling & Fitting is easy as shown here.

Epson XP-2205 Ciss

How to fit a continuous ink system on an Epson XP-2205 printer

Pack Contents

  • Ciss with ARC Chips

  • 400ml of ink

  • Easy to follow paper or video instructions

  • Accesory pack

  • 10ml Syringes

  • Blunt Refill Needles

Please note our XP-2205 ciss systems, XP-2205 Epson Multipack bulk refills and XP-2205 Multipack refillable ink cartridges are not made by Epson this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Epson XP-2205
Also Compatible with:
Ink Type:
Dye and Pigment
Chip Type:
Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
604, 604XL, Pineapple
Please note comparisons are averages and based on the content of std fill original ink cartridge.
Bundle Deal Is Equivalent to approximately:
29.0 Black, 42.0 Cyan, 42.0 Magenta, 42.0 Yellow = 155 ink cartridge in total.
Running Costs per cartridge:
To fully refill the system with 400ml of ink costs under £29.88 which makes the running cost per ink cartridge less than £0.19 pence.


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