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Multipack Cheap printer cartridges for Epson XP-4200 | Refillable dye and pigment ink

Equivalent in volume to 155 genuine standard cartridges that's just 51p per cart & ongoing running costs of 19p each

Product Code:
Epson  Dye and Pigment
400ml x1
604 - C13T10G64010, pineapple, Durabrite

£65.99 ex VAT
(£79.19 inc VAT)
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About Multipack Cheap printer cartridges for Epson XP-4200 | Refillable dye and pigment ink

Refillable ink cartridges with XP-4200 chip resetter.

This Multipack of Epson compatible XP-4200 ink cartridges are refillable and will slash your printing costs, and now it even comes with a 2 year warranty.

For the standard version known as 604 - C13T10G64010 it works out at 51p a cart as 1st time round as you are purchasing the cartridges as well, future refills of just the ink which is an alternative for pineapple, Durabrite inks will drop your costs to 19p per cart.

If you normally purchase the XL / High yield versions known as 604XL - C13T10H64010 for your printer, it works out at a 76p a cart as 1st time round and future refills just 35p per cart.
How much are you currently paying ?

They are mess free compatible Epson 604 - C13T10G64010 Multipack of XP-4200 ink cartridges that are designed to be refilled over and over and save money on your XP-4200 printing costs.

Refilling is easy with our refillable printer ink cartridges and this is how it's done.
How to refill Epson Carts

Our Dye and Pigment ink which replaces pineapple, Durabrite inks will produce excellent results with a good range of tones.
They come with a chip resetter for the XP-4200 printer when they report 100% empty will reset after use.
Kit is supplied with 100ml of each colour, syringes, blunt fill needles, step by step guide, chip resetter.

This product is not made or endorsed by Epson reference's are for descriptive purposes only.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Epson XP-4200
Ink Type:
Dye and Pigment
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Pigment Black
604 - C13T10G64010 , 604XL - C13T10H64010, pineapple, Durabrite
Please note comparisons are averages and based on the content of std fill original refillable ink cartridge.
Bundle Deal Is Equivalent to approximately:
42.0 Cyan, 42.0 Magenta, 42.0 Yellow, 29.0 Pigment Black = 155 refillable ink cartridge in total.
Running Costs per cartridge:
To fully refill the system with 400ml of ink costs under £29.88 which makes the running cost per refillable ink cartridge less than £0.23 pence.


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