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Multipack printhead cleaning cartridge for Epson WF-2750DWF printer

Clogged printhead - Epson WF-2750DWF Printhead unblocker with alcohol cleaning solution, to clear blocked print heads with a printhead cleaner kit for the Epson WF-2750DWF.
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Epson  Printhead Cleaning Cartridge
T1636, Pen And Crossword, C13T16264010

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About Multipack printhead cleaning cartridge for Epson WF-2750DWF printer

After time or long periods of disuse, poor quality ink, mixing of inks, used cartridges, exposure to air and many other possible reasons your Epson WF-2750DWF print heads can become blocked by dirt, grime and dried ink.

Typical examples of a blocked nozzle on the Epson WF-2750DWF printer can be seen in the product image.

Fotorite inkjet cleaner cartridges for the WF-2750DWFare used to unblock print heads and remove dry ink which can build up over time.

The cartridges are prefilled with a specially formulated cleaning solution – print head unblocker for the Epson WF-2750DWF which breaks down dried ink in the nozzles of the printer giving you a cleaner print head.

The print head cleaner cartridges are filled to the max with print head cleaning solution meaning once you have unblocked your print head on the Epson WF-2750DWF you can save the inkjet cleaner cartridges for use again.

Although not guaranteed due to the severity of your blockage - we have a very high success rate


Made by:
Printer Model:
Epson WF-2750DWF
Ink Type:
Printhead Cleaning Cartridge
T1636 , C13T16364010, Pen And Crossword, C13T16264010

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