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Refillable CL-546XL Colour Pod Cheap printer cartridges for Canon Pixma TS3355 CL-546 dye ink

Refillable Pod

Product Code:
Canon  Dye Ink
Colour Pod
CL-546XL, CL-546, 8288B004, 8289B004

£19.99 ex VAT
(£23.99 inc VAT)
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About Refillable CL-546XL Colour Pod Cheap printer cartridges for Canon Pixma TS3355 CL-546 dye ink

Please note our Pixma TS3355 ciss continuous ink systems, Pixma TS3355 Canon bulk refills and Pixma TS3355 refillable ink cartridges are not made by Canon this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.

Unfortunately due to the design of the printer we were not able to make a continuous ink system fit in the Pixma TS3355 printer, in our opinion this is the next best thing you are going to find with low running costs.

To see how much you can save see our blog post which is here

This is genuine unused cartridge and a three pack of refill pods for the Pixma TS3355 printer which replaces CL-546XL, CL-546, 8288B004, 8289B004.

In the 545 / 546 xl versions of the genuine cartridges black contains 15ml and cyan, magenta and yellow 4ml of each - our refillable cartridge pods contain 19.5ml for the black, magenta is 5.50ml, cyan and yellow are 4.8ml each so these are even bigger than an XL version.

Initially you get the 1 x genuine unused carts and three refill pods which works out £8.59 @ per cartridge, after that the ongoing running costs are just £13 for three refill pods so less than £4.50 for an XL cartridge

Extremely easy to use and install in a modified cartridge - just see our video here of how to modify a cartridge to accept this below

- you only have to do it once to start saving money - we include everything you need

On in-depth testing of this product on a new genuine cartridge we were able to refill the cartridge with 9 pods before the head died on the cartridge and we had to replace it with a new cartridge so that's this kit and 6 more refills before you have to get a new kit.

This product is offered as an alternative to a ciss continuous ink system for the Canon Pixma TS3355 printer which uses the following inks CL-546XL, CL-546, 8288B004, 8289B004.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Canon Pixma TS3355
Ink Type:
Dye Ink
CL-546XL , CL-546, 8288B004, 8289B004


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