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Cheap Yellow dye ink replaces Epson XP-4155 - 603 - C13T03U44010

Works out @ just 18p per cart or 30p for an XL

Product Code:
Epson  Dye Ink
100ml = 42 carts or 25 XL
603 - C13T03U44010, 603XL - C13T03A44010, Starfish Inks, Durabrite

Qty Price
1 - 3 £6.20 each ex vat / £7.44 inc vat
4 or more £5.58 each ex vat / £6.70 inc vat

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About Cheap Yellow dye ink replaces Epson XP-4155 - 603 - C13T03U44010

Cityinkexpress Yellow bulk Dye Ink refill for Epson can be used on ciss ink systems and Epson XP-4155 Yellow refillable printer ink cartridges such as the 603 - C13T03U44010 / 603XL - C13T03A44010 / Starfish Inks / Durabrite.

Our Yellow Dye Ink refill for the XP-4155 will produce high quality results with a good range of tones and can be used to refill cartridges as well.

The genuine inks and some compatible carts contain just 2.4 ml of ink in a cartridge so our 100ml of refill ink is equivalent in volume to around 42 603 - C13T03U44010 cartridges which works out at just 18p per cart - if you normally use the XL version it's around 25 carts @ 30p each.

With a shelf life of 2-3 years it's a cost effective way to save money.

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Please note our XP-4155 ciss systems, XP-4155 Epson Yellow bulk refills and XP-4155 Yellow refillable ink cartridges are not made by Epson this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Epson XP-4155
Ink Type:
Dye Ink
603 - C13T03U44010 , 603XL - C13T03A44010, Starfish Inks, Durabrite