Everything You Need To Know About Toner Drums

If you own a laser printer then inside your printer will be a toner drum unit, which houses your toner cartridge. Your toner cartridge contains toner, which is a fine powder that fuses on to your page to print graphics and text. Consequently, when your toner runs out you will need to purchase a high-quality toner cartridge to resume your printing!

What is a toner drum?

The toner drum is where your toner cartridge sits. You pop a toner cartridge into the drum unit and then the drum unit is responsible for transferring the toner on to the paper to print your work. When you send a command to print to your printer, there is a photo-sensitive roller inside the toner drum unit which attracts the toner. The toner is then transferred from the photo-sensitive roller in the drum unit to the paper using heat, then you have a high-quality printed page.

How often will your toner drum need changing?

When your toner drum needs changing the majority of laser printers will display an error message on the screen to let you know. Most printers have a built-in alert and will notify you in good time, but otherwise it is fairly simple to tell when your toner needs replacing. If your printing quality is deteriorating or the colour of your printing is beginning to fade or showing lines running through the ink on the paper, then the likelihood is it’s time to change your drum unit. Roughly, you will need to change your toner drum after every 3 – 4 toner cartridge replacements.

How do you replace your toner drum?

Replacing your toner drum unit is fairly simple and can be done in a few minutes. Firstly, refer to your printer manual in order to learn what types of drum cartridges are compatible with your printer manufacturer and model type. Once you’ve established which toner drum units are compatible with your device, purchase one and then refer to your manual which should have a step-by-step guide to replacing the drum unit. Typically it will involve turning your printer off and opening the printer cover so that you can get inside, pressing a lever and releasing the drum unit before unwrapping a new one carefully and popping it in place. You’ll then need to add a toner cartridge and follow the traditional toner installation procedure before your printer is up, running and ready to go once more.

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