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Epson WF-2521 WIC Service Reset Key

fixes waste ink tank full or printer has reached the end of it's service life error codes

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Asked by 10/23/2020 11:35:25 AM


About Epson WF-2521 WIC Service Reset Key

Currently we only support Windows operating system

When you do a head clean on your printer the ink has to go somewhere - it is discharged to an internal waste ink tank which the WF-2521 ink counter measures when the waste ink tank becomes full you will start to get messages like the WF-2521 waste ink tank is full or the printer has reached the end of its service life error codes.

Its possible the printer is either old or for some reason you have been running multiple head cleans without realising the damage it can cause and give messages like service required on the Epson WF-2521.

The WIC service reset program for the Epson WF-2521 we provide can clear printer status error messages like this that display on the LCD without the need for going into service mode or recovery mode on the Epson WF-2521 so we can reset your waste ink counters on the Epson WF-2521.

We will provide you with this Key on a CD by royal mail so its a physical product and email you a copy as a backup.

Ultimately you need to look at why the Epson WF-2521 WIC waste ink tank counter over flowed and look to also address that - we know its likely to much printhead cleaning on the Epson WF-2521.

Here is a video showing how WIC Reset works on Windows


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