What’s Wrong With My Laser Printer?

Like everything associated with computers, printers frequently present us with issues, errors, and predicaments, often leaving the user in a state of bewilderment. Now, while we may not be able to help you with your actual computer, we are able to help you with your laser printer – after all, we are the printing experts!

To help you, we have listed some of the most common issues that you are likely to come across, and then told you exactly what it is that’s causing them. Here is City Ink’s Laser Printer Troubleshooting Guide:

Problem: The colour of the print is too dull or faded.

Source: An expired or empty toner cartridge.

Fix: You can solve this problem by simply removing the toner and giving it a good shake, then trying it again. If the problem persists, your cartridge itself may be empty, though your printer will warn you of this.
Problem: Vertical lines or streaks on printed pages.

Source: Paper path or toner cartridge drum interference.

Fix: To establish whether the drum is contaminated or not: take out the toner cartridge and then open the shutter of the drum which should reveal the toner drum (a green cylinder). Should any toner stick to the drum there is definite contamination and you’ll need to replace the cartridge.
Problem: Spots produced on printed pages.

Source: Paper path interference, toner cartridge, or waste bin full.

Fix: This issue can usually be resolved by replacing the toner cartridge.
Problem: The toner rubs off when brushed or rubbed.

Source: A malfunction in the fuser which is preventing it from reaching the right temperature.

Fix: It is probably best to seek the assistance of service engineer for this one.
Problem: Regular fuzzy or faded print-outs.

Source: Faulty/contaminated toner drum

Fix: Depending on the volume of printing your device manages, the toner drum will need replacing regularly - perhaps annually.
Problem: After installing a brand new cartridge, every print comes out all black.

Source: Sealing tape not properly removed.

Fix: The sealing tape is there to ensure no toner spills out during transit, but before you install it make sure it is completely removed to avoid this issue.
Problem: Shaded background on all print-outs.

Source: Toner cartridge/printer settings.

Fix: This problem could be one of three things: your toner cartridge may be improperly seated (in which case, ensure that it is properly placed in your printer); it could be that the space between the drum and the cartridge is dirty (in which case you should carefully clean it with a non-abrasive cloth); or the density settings on your printer may be improperly set. This latter problem can be fixed using your printer controls.
If you are still experiencing trouble with your laser printer, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook. And remember, when your toner cartridges run out, you can always buy more from us!