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ICC Ink Profiles for Epson printers by City Ink Express

What is an ICC Profile?

An ICC Profile controls the color management of your Epson R300M. A color profile is designed to get the best quality prints from your Epson R300M – it changes the preset colours of your Epson R300M. For example, if your R300M currently prints skin tones in a reddish colour, a printer profile from us will make the skin tone reflect the exact skin tone colour of the person.

Colour Calibration
We create custom made icc color profiles for your printer – all you need to do is print the colour chart on your R300M using the instructions on our website – do this using the ink type and paper type you want an ICC profile for – then we will use advanced color calibration software to create a printer profile for your Epson R300M. We will then email this to you, and when printing your documents you will set your printer settings to this printer profile so you gain the highest quality prints you can.

This is not a download service and involves sending us a printed chart by post
ICC Colour Profile for Epson R300M Printer Ink
Qty: 1-3
£12.50 each ex VAT / £15.00 inc VAT
Qty: 4 plus
£10.42 each ex VAT / £12.50 ex VAT

Discounts for ICC Profiles

We offer a discount when 4 or more printer profiles are bought for your Epson R300M. You may need more than 1 colour profile when you are using different types of paper. In this case, we can create different paper profiles for your Epson R300M. Just send us the colour charts printed on all the different paper types you use in your R300M, and we will change the colour management for each paper type individually.

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