How to Change a Toner Cartridge

If you own a laser printer then you’ll already know that your printer contains a toner cartridge (toner is a powdered printing ink, as opposed to the easily-smudged liquid ink that inkjet printers use). The powder within the toner cartridge is what allows you to print, so unfortunately, when your toner cartridge runs out, it will need to be replaced immediately or your printer won’t work. Once you’ve purchased your replacement toner cartridge, you’re then faced with the task of placing it in the printer – arguably the hardest part of the process!

Many people may not know how to change a toner cartridge, which is why we’ve written this handy guide. Of course, the method of toner replacement will vary depending on your printer’s manufacturer and model type, but this comprehensive guide is certainly a good place to start.
  1. Turn on your printer - For most printers, your printer needs to be turned on in order to actually access the toner cartridge.
  2. Open your printer door – (You may need to press a button to do this.) Once the door is open, your printer cartridge should automatically slide out for you.
  3. Remove the empty toner cartridge – In some laser printers, there will be a cradle holding the cartridge in place, which you’ll need to unhook before you pop the toner cartridge out. Once you’ve unhooked the toner cartridge, you then need to pull it out of your printer.
  4. Ready the new cartridge – Before you remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging, give it a gentle shake to ensure that the toner is evenly distributed throughout. Once you’ve done that, take it out of the packaging and pull the coloured tab to remove the protective seal.
  5. Place the new cartridge in your printer – The cartridge should snap into place. If you had a locking cradle on your printer, you need to ensure that you’ve snapped the cradle around your toner cartridge before closing the lid
Congratulations – your printer is now ready to use! When you’re handling a new toner cartridge, try not to touch the imaging drum on the bottom. If you smudge this drum, it may affect the quality of your printouts, so handle with care.

Once you’ve replaced the toner cartridge, your computer should automatically recognise that you’ve done so and ask if you want to print a test page. Always print a test page before jumping straight in with important printing work to ensure that your toner cartridge has been installed appropriately.

If you need any more help when you replace toner, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!