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Ciss for Canon IP7250 printers | Empty

This is an empty unit and comes with no ink. This has auto reset chips.
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Canon  Empty

£22.00 ex VAT
(£26.40 inc VAT)

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Question Subject: Spongeless refillable cartridge ? See Answer
Details: Greetings,
Are the refillable empty cartridges spongeless ? Do they have an auto reset chip ?

Asked by Kamel 7/6/2014 7:40 PM

Answer: They are auto reset chips with sponge

best regards

Answered by Shane 7/6/2014 7:40 PM
Question Subject: Auto-reset chips in CISS See Answer
Details: Does “auto-reset” mean that there is no human involvement at all in re-setting them, and thus for uninterrupted printing the only thing I need to do is ensure that the ink reservoir bottles always contain ink, or do the print-heads sometimes pause printing (when with a normal ink cartridge it would register as empty) and I need to do something (what?) to get the printhead to resume printing.

Asked by Rodney 1/15/2020 7:22 AM

Answer: Hello you have a few options

1 power the printer off and on
2 unclip the cartridge
3 switch the monitoring on the chip by pressing and holding the red triangle button for 5 seconds when it reports 100% empty this will enable no interruption printing

kind regards

Answered by Shane 1/15/2020 7:22 AM
Question Subject: compatible cartidges See Answer
Details: Hi The ip7250 and the ix6850 use the same caridges will this CISS fit the ix6850 aswell

Asked by John 7/13/2020 1:39 PM

Answer: sorry we no longer support or have instructions for the ix6850 this is not suitable as it would involve cutting the printer

Answered by Shane 7/13/2020 1:39 PM
Question Subject:

Asked by 3/6/2021 5:19:32 PM

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About Ciss for Canon IP7250 printers | Empty

Ciss continuous ink system with Auto reset ARC Chip

This is an empty ciss for the Canon IP7250 system and contains no ink, you can pre-fill the ciss system with a wide range of IP7250 ciss ink including dye,pigment, and edible ink.

We would recommend you research printer compatibility of inks prior to filling the ciss - if your unsure please ask us.

It replaces the following CLI-551BK, PGI-550PGBK, CLI-551C, CLI-551M, CLI-551Y, ink cartridge numbers - In summary by purchasing this product you will get one of the best Canon IP7250 printer ciss around for Canon printers , and comes with 12 months peace of mind warranty.

We welcome ciss reviews of our products for the best ciss printer

Please note our Canon IP7250 ciss Canon IP7250 ciss ink refills and Canon IP7250 ciss spares are not made by Canon this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Canon IP7250
Chip Type:
Auto reset
CLI-551BK, PGI-550PGBK, CLI-551C, CLI-551M, CLI-551Y


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