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HP LaserJet 4350 Toner

Everybody knows that replacement toner cartridges cost a fortune...right? Wrong! When you shop with City Ink Express, your HP LaserJet 4350 toner will cost far less than you expected, and our cartridges are of a very high quality as well.

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It should go without saying that every laser printer will occasionally need a change of toner cartridge. Next time your HP LaserJet 4350 printer prompts you to replace the toner, bear City Ink Express in mind - our toner cartridges are cheaper than more or less everyone else's, and the quality of our products is no lower.

Have you ever wondered why printer cartridges are usually so expensive? It's because the printer itself is a loss leader - companies like Hewlett-Packard sell machines like the HP 4350 at a loss because they know that they can recoup their costs with overpriced toner cartridges later on.

However, we at City Ink Express use no such strategies. Our compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by Fotorite, and independent company that specialises in ink and toner (as opposed to the machines that use them). This means that their prices are far lower, and speaking as one of Fotorite's most loyal customers, we can vouch for the supreme quality of their toner cartridges!

Whenever you need a new toner cartridge for your HP LaserJet 4350, remember that City Ink Express will always be here to provide high-quality printing products at bargain-basement prices.

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