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HP LaserJet 4000n Toner Cartridges

Buy cost-effective 4000n toner cartridges from City Ink Express! Simply select your preferred product from the list below - 'Original' refers to genuine, HP-manufactured toner cartridges, while our 'Compatible' options are budget-friendly toner cartridges manufactured by Fotorite.

There are currently no products available in this category.

The HP LaserJet 4000n was a network-ready laser printer from Hewlett-Packard, ideal for medium-duty use in the home or office. These monochromatic models were discontinued around the turn of the millennium, but the 4000n is something of a warhorse and, as such, it is still in use all over the world.

And if you still use a 4000n, you'll need a steady supply of 4000n toner! Like all laser printers, the 4000n cannot print on an empty toner cartridge, and as you probably know, printer toner tends not to come cheap.

But since you're shopping with City Ink, that rule need not apply! We are dedicated to providing cost-effective printing solutions, and if you use an HP LaserJet 4000n, that means incredibly affordable toner cartridges. Our prices are the very best around, and regardless of whether you purchase a genuine HP cartridge or a compatible Fotorite cartridge, you're sure to be satisfied with the quality of your prints.

If your printer is not a 4000n, click here to return to our main toner page and search for the correct brand and model number.

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