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Lyson ink Cheap Printer Cartridges for Epson SX445W | dye and pigment ink

premium quality
Available in 50ml & 125ml options of DT ink from Lyson - with ongoing running costs of just £0.54 per cartridge.
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Lyson Dye and Pigment Ink

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About Lyson ink Cheap Printer Cartridges for Epson SX445W | dye and pigment ink

Lyson Ink | Epson SX445W Cityinkexpress are Approved Nazdar - Lyson dealers and our registration details can be found here.

The Lyson original DT ink for the Epson SX445W printer provide great colour combined with a high degree of fade resistance.

Lyson original inks use unique, specially developed high strength dyes and pigment black to increase the longevity of a print by four to five times compared to normal dye based ink sets. When used with recommended media, the display life of a DT Lyson original print is in the range of 25-30 years under average indoor display conditions.

The colour gamut of DT ink is matched to the colour gamut provided by traditional photographic processes. By matching to this standard, DT inks are able to provide a colour gamut approximately 20% wider than most dye based ink sets can offer.

These Lyson original Epson SX445W refillable ink cartridges come with full instructions including images and a syringe for each ink cartridges, the Lyson original Epson SX445W ink cartridges contain unique auto reset chips which are activated by switching you printer off and on and the ink levels will reset themselves on your Epson SX445W printer.

Drivers are not required for this product with the Epson SX445W printer and the Lyson original Epson SX445W ink cartridges work well with windows and Mac for the Epson SX445W.

They are mess free and are a new breed of ink cartridge designed to save you money but give exceptional quality of print using Lyson original DT ink.

Lyson original DT ink & Lyson Ultrafast Pigment BK

Unique high strength colour dyes and pigment black for the Epson SX445W.

Designed for printing photo-realistic images with subtle details and extreme colours, DT ink for the Epson SX445W ensures the widest range of captured colours can be reproduced through your Epson SX445W printer.

Offering up to 20% more colours than a standard dye-based ink set combined with high light stability, Lyson original DT ink for the Epson SX445W provides a perfect balance between colour vibrancy and archival requirements.

Lyson original DT ink uses double strength dyes & Ultrafast pigment Black ink for the Epson SX445W printer this gives high light stability.

The 125ml option is equivalent in volume to around 128 original ink cartridges and 60ml option is around half that which means your printing costs costs are around £0.54 per ink cartridge.

This multipack DT ink cartridges replace the T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284 ink cartridges for the Epson SX445W from Lyson original and comes with

1 of each colour auto reset ink cartridges, a syringe, needle for each cartridge and a bottle of each colour Lyson original ink for the Epson SX445W (size depends on option chosen).

If required a free custom ICC profile service for your paper from Lyson worth £35, Sample Lyson original photo paper pack.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Lyson Epson SX445W
Also Compatible with:
Ink Type:
Lyson Dye and Pigment Ink
Chip Type:
Auto reset
Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284
Please note comparisons are averages and based on the content of std fill original refillable ink cartridge.
Bundle Deal Is Equivalent to approximately:
20.9 Black, 35.6 Cyan, 35.6 Magenta, 35.6 Yellow = 128 refillable ink cartridge in total.
Running Costs per cartridge:
To fully refill the system with 500ML of ink costs under £69.12 which makes the running cost per refillable ink cartridge less than £0.54 pence.
Lyson ICC profiles:

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