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Cheap Yellow dye ink replaces HP Envy 4527 - HP 302, HP 302XL

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HP  Dye Ink
HP 302, HP 302XL, F6U66AE, F6U68AE, F6U65AE,F6U67AE

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1 - 3 £5.15 each ex vat / £6.18 inc vat

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About Cheap Yellow dye ink replaces HP Envy 4527 - HP 302, HP 302XL

Please note our 4527 ciss systems, 4527 HP Yellow bulk refills and 4527 Yellow refillable ink cartridges are not made by HP this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.

We use premium grade based Yellow bulk inks from US raw materials for our Ciss bulk Yellow ink refill inks and ink cartridges for the HP 4527, its made to a high specification this ensures a wide colour gamut and vivid output. It has high end UV absorber components added to prolong ink life and durability; this means prints do not fade at the same rate as generic Yellow inks in cheaper 4527 Cis system and refillable ink cartridge systems that use HP 302, HP 302XL.

Cityinkexpress Yellow bulk ink refill for HP can be used on ciss bulk ink systems and HP 4527 Yellow bulk ink cartridges such as the F6U66AE, F6U68AE

Once the Yellow refill bulk ink for the HP 302, HP 302XL HP 4527 has been opened the bottle should be stored out of sunlight, doing this will maximise the ink life to 12-18 months

Our Yellow bulk ink refill for HP F6U66AE, F6U68AE will produce excellent results with a good range of tones.


Made by:
Printer Model:
HP 4527
Ink Type:
Dye Ink
HP 302, HP 302XL , F6U66AE, F6U68AE, F6U65AE,F6U67AE

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