New model release of Ciss XP-2100, XP-2105, XP-3100, XP-3105, XP-4100, XP4105


Important Pre - purchase Information

As auto reset chips do not exist yet for a Ciss currently the only option is to make the printer chipless - which basically means altering the firmware of the printer so that it does not monitor the chips at all which means you can just print as many documents as you wish with no interruption to print jobs and no resetting.


The firmware can be altered through software which is available from 'chiplesssolutions' online it’s an additional software you will need to install to get this product to work, depending on your current firmware version the software may or may not be suitable you need to verify this prior to purchasing this product. The firmware update is also reversable if needs be.


It is only suitable for Windows PC at this time


The software is not sold or supported by CityInkExpress we have used the products for many years and even on our test models for the video installations below


XP-2100 video link

XP-3100 video link

XP-4100 video link


We will not ship this product to you without verifying you have confirmed your printer suitability and you are able to update the firmware even if it means delays in shipping.