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Having thought long and hard before buying a CISS system, I have to say that the last 3 years have changed my mind completely. The simplicity of the CISS system from Cityink Express and the the staggering sums of money saved make this a must have for parents (since so much can wasted by kids) and business alike. Once setup, you simply pull out the cartridge and re-seat it, (I usually wait 4-5 secs) to make it be recognised once more.


Think of it this way, the cost of the entire CISS system is less than 2 original ink sets from EPSON!


Quality - The prints that I have produced are excellent and have been used in friends official wedding photo albums the print outs are that good. Could a skilled artist or expert designer tell the difference between inks? Not sure, however they normally use colour laser-jets, which are far too expensive for us. Assuming you use the correct photo quality paper, then the ink dries immediately, everytime! Also works fine on normal paper, if it stays wet, it is the fault of the paper, not the inks, I can assure you.


Refilling - With the CISS system this is almost never required, however the first fill up is straightforward and links to YouTube videos can be found including some from Cityinks.


TIP: Make sure the cables are not too tight, or do not bend too much or it can restrict ink flow.