Today we have a fantastic review from Graham who has one of our CISS systems. If you'd like to be entered in our monthly prize draw, and receive a discount on all dye and pigment ink purchases, send your review to


I have been using this excellent system for a little while now and am really pleased with the results. As I print colour photographs for display and calendars each year for my extensive family and friends, quality is most important. Cost isn't necessarily the most important factor, but having set up the system with the six tanks and first lots of ink, then the resultant cost saving is impressive.


In the past few days, I have been making comparative prints of some I have done in the past, using a different printer and inks. These were printed on gloss paper at the highest standard setting and I considered them most impressive. Using the new system and inks with a similar type of paper, there is an obvious improvement in sharpness and colour rendering: quite impressive.


On my Facebook page, I have commended this system to my family and friends and I commend it to any who check this website for information about City Express Ink System.