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3 Reasons Why CityInkExpress Is AMAZING!!


  1. I hate long reading documents on screens: The CISS has given me a painfully cost effective and cheap way to print PDF documents, manuals, comic books, emails and study materials without the worry of having to ration ink!
  2. I print photos in bulk: All those pictures I’ve taken for Facebook and Instagram are now backed up in hard copy on photographic photo paper, even those blurry ones that never got posted online (because I’m a sentimental fool) and I did it on the cheap!
  3. In 2018 I’ve ordered ink for the first time since 2016 (and I still have a lot of the previous ink left): I print en masse and still can’t believe what an amazing investment this has been. The dye ink I use is cheap and what ink is still left in the system has NOT discoloured, dried-out and prints to a high quality without issue. This is after 2 years of [the ink] sitting in the system!


I want to thank Zac and Shane from the City Ink team personally for their prompt, helpful, concise and friendly replies to several queries I had about my current order. Cheers, guys.

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