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Earlier this month, The Guardian published a story about Epson. The Japanese electronics giant is changing its approach to the printing market; instead of selling printers as heavily-discounted loss leaders and recouping that money with overpriced ink cartridges, Epson will now be selling printers with refillable ink tanks, meaning that you'll pay more for the printer but less for the ink.


If you believe that Guardian article, Epson's latest move will "revolutionise the economics of home printing", winning back consumers who, in the past, were put off by the sky-high price of printer ink. Print-savvy readers, however, will notice that Epson's "innovation" is nothing new - in fact, we at City Ink Express have been selling printers with refillable ink tanks for years!


Fitting your printer with a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) has always been a great money-saving move - a CISS tank lasts longer than any standard ink cartridge, and the ink refills are considerably cheaper than new cartridges. Furthermore, we still believe that our CISS printer bundles represent a more cost-effective choice than Epson's new printers. Let's do the maths...


  • According to The Guardian, Epson's new printers will start at £249.

  • Our cheapest Epson printer bundle - the Epson XP-312 - costs £118 (including VAT) and comes with a CISS tank and 400ml ink included.


As you can see, City Ink Express could still save you quite a packet. A full CISS tank can run for many months before it needs topping up, and when the tank does eventually run dry, our ink refills are very reasonably-priced.


Oh, and if you're more of a laser printer person, we also sell cost-effective toner cartridges!


Click here to read The Guardian's article about Epson.

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