We’re big on laser printers and toner cartridges here at City Ink Express, but just how good are the devices themselves? The best thing to do to answer such a question is to look at both the positive and negative aspects of laser printers, and then you can make up your own minds about owning one.



  • Laser printers are generally faster – the higher volume of printing you need, the more you’ll notice the difference.
  • When it comes to sharp black text, smaller fonts, and fine lines, laser printers are definitely the way to go as they produce these perfectly.
  • The way in which laser printers are prepared and setup means they can handle large-volume print jobs more efficiently.
  • When it comes to printing graphically simple documents, laser printers beat inkjet machines in a price-by-price comparison. Though the toner itself is more expensive than ink cartridges, its larger yield works out at a cheaper cost per print price than you get with inkjet printers.


  • Though faster, laser printers take a long time to warm up.
  • The upfront costs of toner are greater – though you will find it cheaper in the long-run.
  • Any kind of heat-sensitive paper or printing materials cannot be run through a laser printer (although you can do so with inkjet printers).
  • Laser printers can handle simple graphics just fine, but for more complex prints like photographs an inkjet performs much better.
  • Laser printers are generally a lot heavier and more sizable than their inkjet counterparts, though you will find more compact devices on the market.