It can be extremely frustrated when your toner cartridge runs out and your printer is out of action. Having to find a genuine replacement toner cartridge or a high-quality alternative spare toner cartridge to meet your printing standards can be a daunting task (unless you use City Ink Express of course), as well as being a very expensive affair indeed. However, we're here to tell you that replacing your toner cartridge needs not be a difficult and frustrating task, and can infact be an extremely rewarding act - both financially and consciously! 


Recycling your empty toner cartridges is a fantastic way for you to contribute to saving the environment. Once your toner has run out the empty cartridge is no use to you is it? Well rather than dispose of it, you can send it away or even arrange for a company to come and pick it up for them to refill it with new toner and then re-sell it, recycling the empty cartridge which is now of no use to you. Aside from the environmental benefits, many companies will actually pay you per toner cartridge - so you could indeed earn money whilst desposing of your waste! It almost seems to be too good to be true doesn't it? 


Here is a list of some of the top companies online who will help you recycle your toner cartridges. Some of these companies will collect your toner free of charge, so make sure you research and find the company that offers the right service for you.



Of course, there are many more companies available online who will help you recycle your toner cartridge.