HP's LaserJet 1000 Series

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The LaserJet 1000 series from Hewlett-Packard was a line of black and white laser printers designed with fast, efficient printing in mind. These models were extremely popular among businesses and corporations, and while HP have now discontinued the LaserJet 1000 series, the printers are still being used in homes and offices all over the world.


Speed is one major advantage that laser printers have over inkjet models. If you need to print a massive, multi-page document, you’ll find that a laser printer gets the job done much faster – you won’t even have to wait for the ink to dry! Being unable to print in colour, the LaserJet 1000 printers obviously aren’t much use when you need to print photographs or images, but if you’re printing out business documents or ten-thousand word dissertations, something like the LaserJet 1320 is absolutely perfect.


Of course, the continued use of LaserJet 1000 appliances means that there is still a demand for LaserJet 1000 toner. If you still use one of these printers – and why wouldn’t you? – you’re probably well aware that, in spite of the  fact that the printers themselves are no longer widely available, compatible toner cartridges are still exceptionally easy to come by.


And if you need more toner for your LaserJet 1000 printer, you’re already in the right place! Here at City Ink, we sell a wide variety of HP toner products, and regardless of which HP printer you use, you’re sure to find the right cartridge at a very reasonable price.

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