Need Dell Toner Cartridges?

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If your computer is hooked up to a Dell laser printer, sooner or later you'll need to buy a Dell toner cartridge. We cater to a variety of Dell models here at City Ink Express; here are some examples:


Dell B1160W

The B1160W is a compact printer that’s very popular because of its small size (not to mention the fact that it prints wirelessly!) It only prints in black and white, but it still needs toner, and we’ve got genuine Dell toner cartridges that will get your B1160W back in working order in no time.



Dell C1660W

The C1660W is wireless, just like the B1160W, but this wireless printer can print in colour, too! You’ll need four cartridges for the C1660W to work properly – Black, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan – and we sell all of them here at City Ink Express. They’re original Dell cartridges, so you know that they’ll work perfectly with your printer!



Dell C1765NFW

This is a multifunction printer; not only can the C1765NFW print in colour, it can also make copies and scan documents to your computer. It’s a real tour de force, an we’ve got several different toner options available for it, including our high-capacity cartridges that give you more pages for your money.