What is Edible Ink?

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One of City Ink Express's many specialities is edible ink. Some of you will be thoroughly educated on this marvellous invention, but unless you are planning to or already have personally used edible ink products, it's highly likely that you didn't know such a thing existed! This is where City Ink Express come in handy. In this blog post we're going to attempt to answer any possible questions you might have regarding what edible ink is, and then run you through which edible ink products we have available here. As always, if you have any questions what so ever then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! 

So let's get down to it.

1. What is edible ink?

Edible Ink is printer ink which is actually edible (unsurprisingly). It consists of different edible food colours and edible ink can actually be placed in special edible ink printers, or even in some inkjet or bubblejet printers. Edible inks are flavourless and will not impair the taste of your food.


2. What is it used for?

Edible Ink is used to print images onto special edible paper which is then used on or in various confectionary. Edible paper dissolves when it comes in contact with a moist surface, but it maintains a high resolution. So any images you see on cakes or cupcakes were made using edible ink and edible paper! You can use edible ink on various pastries, cakes or cookies and if you get some edible ink and edible paper you can create amazing and professional looking confectionary within the comfort of your own home! 


3. What edible ink products do City Ink Express offer?

Now we've enlightened you and filled you in on the wonderful world of edible ink, which of these amazing products can you purchase from City Ink Express?


Bulk Edible Ink

Edible inks are primarily seen used in the food industry to create unique edible photos for cakes and cupcake toppers. All of our edible ink products are food safe and comply with EU food hygiene regulations, and each bottle comes with a use by date. We offer bulk ink refill kits to keep printing costs low. You can buy big bottles of edible ink in various colours, or bulk packs with a few different colours available. To buy in bulk is far cheaper, and ensures that your professional looking home goodie factory can keep running for longer! 


Edible Ink Cartridges Kit

Our edible ink refill kits are fantastic and contain compatible edible refill printer cartridges, edible printer ink and edible photo paper. Our compatible edible ink cartridges and edible inks for Epson and Canon printers are all food safe. Our edible ink refill kits all come with easy, step-by-step instructions which are specific to your printer on how to refill your cartridges. We lave lots of different bundles to fit specific Canon and Epson models, which you can browse by clicking the above link. 


Edible Paper 

You might be well stocked up in edible ink, but unless you've got edible paper to print it on then it's not much use is it? It can be used as normal paper, you just pop it in your printer and as long as you've got edible ink then you're good to go! We offer a variety of different types of edible paper from rice wafer papers to edible decor papers, we've even got pre-cut decor paper for you to pop on to your delicious treats! 


Edible Ink Starter Kit 

Our edible ink starter kits contain everything you need to start printing gorgeous edible pictures. We've got a variety of different printers to choose from (all varying in price of course), and each edible printer bundle comes with your chosen printer, compatible refillable ink cartridges, 550mls of edible ink and 50 sheets of wafer paper! Essentially, our edible ink starter kit is all you need to create stacks of yummy treats!

So what are you waiting for? Order your edible ink goodies from City Ink Express today!