Operating in more than 170 countries – and for over 70 years – it is fair to say that Hewlett Packard (or HP) has quite the pedigree when it comes to printing! As such, you would expect them to offer an all-encompassing range of printers that offers its technological solutions to both the home and work environments – and the good news is, they do!


As we have mentioned already, HP has a fantastic range of printers to meet your various printing needs, so all you need to bear in mind is what exactly you’re going to be using the printer for, and then buy the device accordingly. HP have a range of InkJet printers, Laser printers, as well as a range of Photosmart printers which specialise in photography printing – though the other ranges are more than capable of bringing your holidays snaps to life!


HP also has DeskJet models which are aimed at the home office market – these are a great compromise between their home-use printers, and the ones aimed at heavier office-use.


HP printers frequently visit the ‘best buy’ sections of consumer magazines so their reputation for making quality printers is well deserved! HP is a solid contender all along the board with winning printers in a wide range of categories, both in pricing and printer type.


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